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Details released on the Iowa Park shooting

IOWA PARK (KFDX/KJTL) – A suspect in an Iowa Park shooting Tuesday night was arrested and released on bail twice last week on multiple charges of violating protective orders, stalking and harassing his ex-girlfriend all the time. beginning of this month.

Jordy Brent Onstead-Donley was released from prison custody after posting $125,000 bond for aggravated assault.

He was arrested when Iowa Park Police Chief Steve Davis said he showed up at the hospital for treatment for injuries sustained in a physical altercation with the victim prior to the shooting.

The shooting occurred shortly before 7:30 pm on Tuesday, January 25, in the 700 block of West Cornelia Avenue in Iowa Park.

Officers saw glass in the front door shattered and a man lying on the living room floor bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds.

After clearing the house of any suspicions, they administered first aid and found wounds to his lower back, stomach and legs.

The victim’s wife told officers her son, Onstead-Donley, had shot her husband. She said they had argued and had a physical altercation, and her husband took his gun and pointed it at her son.

She said her son then left and her husband started packing to leave and had put the gun away. She said that as she walked away with her hands full and pushed the glass door open with her hip, her son came up from behind her and fired a shot through the door, hitting her husband in the back.

She said her husband walked back into the house and then staggered down the hall, and her son followed him into a bedroom and then into the bathroom, and she heard her son say, “Don’t threaten me, (expletive deleted).”

He heard more shots fired and his son then fled the scene.

Police said the victim was shot up to five times and called 911 after being shot. He was taken by ambulance and underwent surgery at United Regional.

Chief Davis said as of late Wednesday morning, the victim is listed as stable and expected to recover.

Police said a neighbor recorded audio of the confrontation, which included someone saying “I told you I’d be back”, and then a gunshot and a woman screaming.

Davis said there is no direct connection between this shooting and the harassment and stalking incidents with the suspect’s ex-girlfriend.

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