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‘Disappointed Jay-Z Didn’t Come’: Rihanna’s NFL Super Bowl Performance Missed Billionaire Onstage Rapper, Bodybuilder Jay Cutler & Co-Host Argument

This year’s Super Bowl weekend took place on February 13 with football giants, the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs. Aside from the City Chiefs’ 3-point win, Rihanna’s stunning half-time display turned heads. While viewers were amazed, Jay Cutler also shared her appreciation for the singer. However, he and his manager argued over some disappointment.

On the recent episode of the bodybuilder’s podcast, Cutler Cast discussed the iconic singer’s performance at the event. His manager, Matt, also pointed out that even though Jay-Z was at the event, he didn’t show up to perform. Let’s get into the details of the episode.

Jay Cutler and Matt look back on the Super Bowl


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According to the YouTube interview, the 4x Mr. Olympia took the opportunity to review his Super Bowl experience. In addition to expressing his disappointment at the Eagles’ loss, he admitted that he really enjoyed Rihanna’s halftime show. However, Matt was disappointed Jay-Z didn’t perform. “I liked the halftime show, I know you had your opinions…you were a little disappointed Jay-Z didn’t come up there,” he revealed.

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‘She Came On So Young’: Rihanna’s Super Bowl NFL Performance Gets More Praise Than Jennifer Lopez From 4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler

Consistent with his hypothesis, Matt implied, “I was disappointed because Jay-Z was there…he walked right in front of my friends. I was just a little disappointed that he had so many great records that he didn’t bring in someone else to get them… I wasn’t worried about the performance.”

However, the 49-year-old athlete has been vocal about his views. He has stated that many of Rihanna’s songs are his favorites of hers and that he has stayed and watched her perform. “I don’t usually sit down and watch the show to be honest.” Also, he asked her to be the GOAT among female artists. A major revelation after the show was the singer’s pregnancy, with A$AP partner Rocky. Interestingly, the news was kept under wraps until the Super Bowl event.

Why Rihanna didn’t reveal her pregnancy before the event


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The whole world did not know about the pregnancy of the icon. So, it came as a big shock to everyone who watched the Super Bowl. Justina Myles, the interpreter of the ASL alongside Rihanna, has revealed that even she had no idea of ​​her pregnancy, despite the two having rehearsed in the same location.

“We practiced in the same vicinity — she didn’t look pregnant! I found out later” he confessed. RiRi greatly revealed the news to viewers by implying that she would be welcoming a special guest, ahead of her show. Enchanted fans went crazy over the news!


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The highlight of the event was Riri’s mind-blowing artistry. She held the audience’s attention with her finesse, so much so that even stars like Jay Cutler couldn’t resist missing the show. What do you think of the halftime show? Let us know in the comments.

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