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“Diva Den” houses an impressive collection of Chiefs memorabilia


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — When you walk down the Stephanie Campbell Stairs, which are obviously Chiefs-themed, you’ll enter a hidden province of the Kingdom of the Chiefs: the Diva Den.

“I love the game of soccer, first and foremost,” Campbell said. “Before any team; first of all, I love sports.”

The den is filled with helmets, jerseys, and signed papers.

Some are gifts, but many others are things Campbell has found and collected over nearly a decade.

She’s not just a collector: she’s an artist, a storyteller and each object is a page in the history of football.

“Because every object has a story,” he said.

There are some rare finds at the Diva Den, but it’s even rarer to find someone who knows and loves the sport of soccer more than Campbell.

She played in a women’s league.

“Tightend for six years and quarterback for two,” he said.

She never really got off the field. After playing, she became a sports photographer.

He has spent his career living and capturing the spirit that makes this sport great.

“That passion and emotion has continued to flow through my life,” Campbell said.

In some ways, its Diva Den sharing memorabilia and the memories behind them is no different.

“Football must be shared. Do you know that?” she said. “It’s once a week on Sunday: you get away from all the things that annoy you during the week. It’s your escape, you’re there cheering on your team, you love the game, you want to share it.”

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