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Do You Want to Try Watersports? Here’s How to Prepare Properly

If you’re considering trying something new and unique with your friends, like watersports, it can be a great idea to try and prepare for these activities as best as possible. Not all of them require too much preparation, but the more research you do about your chosen experience will undoubtedly benefit you. While you can find a lot of this information online, you should also consider asking for advice from someone who has tried watersports before.

A little preparation ahead of time will add an extra spark to your experience, so to help you get going, we have listed a few steps that may help prepare for a new adventure in the water.

Ensure you have all the required gear for watersports

If you’re planning on trying watersports and renting the equipment, make sure you do your research before going. If you’ve already booked a tour or cruise that includes equipment, double-check with the representative to confirm that they have all the gear. Gears are essential for this sport, and without them, the dangers can be significant.

If you are going out on the water by yourself, buy the equipment before you go. You don’t want to miss the boat or the tour because the paddleboard shop is closed when you arrive at the marina. Check out paddleboards like the Blackfin X, you may just like it and of course, the investment is worth the cost for your security. It’s also a good idea to have the proper life jackets and paddles. 

Water sports professionals recommend inflatable vests that are worn around the neck. They’re comfortable enough to wear all afternoon, and there isn’t much risk of injury if the user were to fall into the water.

Check the weather report for the time of day you’re planning on going out  

Don’t go out if the conditions are too dangerous or the wind is high, even if that means missing the opportunity to explore the area. You’ll still be able to try another time when the conditions are right.

If, however, you find that this is the only day you can go out and conditions are good enough for watersports, then go ahead and be careful. 

Research the best places to go for your chosen activity.

For example, if you’re interested in kayaking, go to Google Maps and search for areas surrounded by water on all sides. Look for parks or other open spaces that have at least a few patches of trees so you can rest if necessary.

Also, look for obstacles like rocks or branches because they may slow down your speed, but they can also increase the level of danger. Having two destinations will allow you to stop in between kayaking trips if necessary.

Prepare your supplies

You may have all the gear you need already, but it’s still ready over everything again. Here’s a list of things you need for watersports:

  • Your board, leash, and ankle straps
  • A waterproof bag or pouch to store your phone and anything else that might get wet (plus some extra space in case you want to bring other items)
  • A towel to dry yourself off and wrap around yourself while waiting for the sun/sand to dry
  • Water, which you can drink right after getting back on the boat or while sitting waiting for everyone else who’s out there with you. This is extremely important because if you don’t have enough water in your system, the risk of dehydration increases significantly, especially when it’s very hot.
  • Some snacks in case you get hungry after your trip out

For some sports, like surfing and paddle boarding, some professionals recommend a full-body suit to reduce the risk of harming yourself from impact or stings.

Decide when you want to do it

If you want to try watersports, there are several things to consider. To avoid any discomfort and unwanted accidents, such as getting your cast (if you cast up) wet or letting it come into contact with the water, try watersports on a day when you don’t have an appointment scheduled. 

Also, consider that you might have some difficulties getting back to shore if something happens while you are out in the water. If you feel uncomfortable going out solo or if your friends don’t want to try it with you, see if there’s a local club near you. This way, at least there are people around who would likely help in an emergency or minor problem.

Have you ever wanted to try watersports but didn’t think it was possible for you? It’s a fantastic adventure. When you try new extreme sports, there are always challenges to face and obstacles to go through. 

However, when you overcome them, your sense of accomplishment will be phenomenal! Watersports is one such experience; it is a fascinating opportunity to make you feel like flying in the air. However, before you take your sporty self to watersports, keep the above in mind.

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