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Does Wichita really need another coffee shop? New Reverie venture answers this

With new local and national coffee businesses opening seemingly every two weeks – or more – does Wichita really need another one?

“I’m here to say that we absolutely can handle more,” said Andrew Gough, owner of Reverie Coffee Roasters.

Gough said Wichita’s coffee saturation rate is lower than many other cities.

That’s why he’s opening another new Reverie Roasters Express, a drive-through business like the one he already has in Newton.

The latest will open April 1 at 7817 E. 37th St. North, where Glas Haus Racing is located.

Reverie is occupying the drive-through space where Brazita Bytes has been.

Although the business is drive-through only, he said the owner of Glas Haus is adjusting to seating during the business’ hours.

“People will try to walk in the door and out, and he’s not going to say ‘No.’ “

Gough said the cafe’s new drive-throughs number a dozen, but said his is “more than just a drive-through coffee shop.”

It said it will offer Viennese-style pastries such as a variety of croissants and fruit Danishes.

Gough called them the “most complicated, richest, most delicious coveted pastries. . . people are looking for”.

“There’s no one else in town doing what we do. There are many places that pretend to do this.

At his new Reverie Roasters Express, Andrew Gough said he will be serving the “most complicated, richest and most delicious pastries. . . people search. There’s no one else in town doing what we do. There are many places that pretend to do this.

He said those places use frozen or pre-packaged products.

“We’re the only start-to-finish, artisan-style, European-style bakery in the whole city—especially the only one that does it at a drive-through.”

It will also have heartier dishes, such as burritos.

“We make a couple of food items that do very well in a drive-through store.”

Initially, the hours will be 7am to 2pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm Saturday and Sunday, but Gough said it will be in tune with the needs of the area and will adjust if necessary.

“We are starting small and will be able to grow.”

In addition to its flagship Reverie near Douglas and Grove, which offers seating, Gough has Reverie Roasters at Mojos on the Bethel College campus along with the drive-through in Newton.

Gough said drive-throughs are “good for people who want higher-quality, better-sourced coffee and other items” in a fast-casual setting.

While it may seem like Gough has a plan to start populating these drive-throughs in the greater Wichita area, he said that’s not necessarily the case.

“Oh. You never say it out loud.

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