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Downtown Wichita Falls, Texas welcomes new indoor golf shop

YES, SIR! Downtown Wichita Falls just keeps getting better and better.

We have another big win for Downtown Wichita Falls Development. The building across the street from The Broken Tap will become The Golf Factory.

Lots of people play golf

Golf is a sport played by millions of people around the world and while many golf enthusiasts have access to courses and clubs, others may find it difficult to access the game due to location, cost or other factors. This is where golf simulators come in, offering an exciting and accessible alternative to traditional golf. And if there’s one place that will benefit from a golf simulator, it’s downtown Wichita Falls, Texas.

A quickie 9 hole lunch? Yes please!

A golf simulator in downtown Wichita Falls will offer many benefits to golfers and non-golfers alike. For starters, it would provide an excellent activity for families, friends and business associates to enjoy together. Imagine going out for a quick lunch break and then playing golf with your colleagues in a fun and interactive environment. It would also be a great option for date nights, birthday parties, or any other type of celebration.

Another great reason to visit people

The Golf Factory will be a great addition to the downtown Wichita Falls community. It will attract visitors from outside the area, who may be looking for a fun activity to do while in town. It will also encourage local residents to spend more time downtown, increasing foot traffic to businesses and promoting economic growth.

According to the Facebook page for the upcoming venue:

Using advanced camera and radar technology, TrackMan simulators accurately recreate the best golf courses from around the world, down to the smallest detail. From the rolling fairways of the PGA National to the challenging links of St. Andrews, you can experience it all in the comfort of our facility’s interior.

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10 unique pieces of street art in downtown Wichita Falls, Texas

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