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Everything You Need To Know: The Importance Of Water For Your Hair

As you might know, drinking water is very important for our body. The many benefits of water can have a great impact on our organs, brain, skin, and even our hair. You may start to wonder “Is my own water consumption really affecting my hair growth?”

The answer to that question is, yes. The water you consume will affect your hair’s health. You need a minimum of two liters of water every day in order to strengthen your hair and promote its growth. Hair can become dry, and frizzy, develop split ends, break easily, and stop growing as a result of dehydration. Therefore you need to keep in mind that your water needs hydration from water. Keep on reading to understand more about the connection between proper water consumption and the healthiness of your hair. Moreover, for those seeking additional ways to enhance hair health and overall wellness, the beauty IV treatment in LA has gained popularity. This therapy infuses the body with a potent blend of vitamins and minerals, further complementing the benefits of adequate water consumption.

What causes dehydration?

Most of our bodies are made up of water, thus it is essential for our bodies to keep replenishing our water consumption. Our bodily processes, from digestion, and secretion, to lubricating joints, can be done smoothly with the help of water inside our body. On the contrary, when we become dehydrated, our blood’s water content starts to drop, which causes the levels of minerals, salts, and sugars to become unbalanced. Resulting in us feeling fatigued and having a headache.

Our body loses water and fluids on a daily basis due to natural processes, but unfortunately, many of us often forget to drink water regularly. Sometimes we don’t think we are thirsty, thus we do not think that we need to have a glass of water. That’s not right at all. Not feeling thirsty can’t be the only alarm for you to have a glass of water. 

Lack of fluid intake is the primary cause of dehydration. But weather, exercise, and food are also some variables that could also affect dehydration. Infections that can lead to fluid loss, such as diarrhea and vomiting, can also lead to dehydration.

How does hair suffer from dehydration?

Along with our skin and nails, hair plays a significant role in our bodies. The hair roots are located inside the scalp, to grow prosperously they need the right nutrition, i.e water. Our hair also needs lubrication, not lubrication that took place on its outside –but also on its inside. If our body is properly hydrated, the hair follicle will be allowed proper lubrication which will help to promote hair growth. Hair follicles that aren’t getting enough water will eventually become lifeless, dry, brittle, and prone to breaking.

Hydration causing hair loss

Hair is one of the organs in our body that grows the fastest. It has a unique life cycle in which it expands, pauses, and eventually drops. The length and thickness of your hair may be impacted by the rapid shedding and breaking that can result from a lack of water in your body. This situation happened because the hair shaft contains one-fourth water. Therefore when a person doesn’t drink enough water, the shaft weakens and becomes fragile, eventually hair loss will occur.

Sign of your body is dehydrated

Every day, we lose water through sweat, urine, and stools. If we only lose it without properly replenishing it, the water storage in our body will drp[ and eventually the body begins to dehydrate.

Aside from dry lips and dry skin, you can also see signs that your body is dehydrated from your hair. If your hair looks lifeless, dry, brittle, having split ends, then it is probably a sign that your hair is trying to show that your everyday water consumption is not enough.

The importance of water for the hair

Hair has two main parts, the shaft -which is the outer part of the hair, and the root, which is located inside the scalp. Your hair will grow longer and stronger if the water hydrates the hair cells properly and helps them function as they should. Staying hydrated helps prevent hair loss. Thus, maintaining hydration is very important for hair. Give your hair the best access to water from both inside and outside –when you wash it, to help it healthily grow.

Not only drinking plain water, but you can also obtain hydrated fluid from fresh fruit and vegetables. Any food that is high in water content and also rich in nutrients and vitamins.  This is the first step you can do to achieve long healthy locks! Remember, you could use the greatest and most expensive hair products, but you won’t get the best after-effects if you do not fix what’s inside –the water level in your body.

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