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Fans “disgusted” by Chiefs players drinking at parade

About a million fans, nearly double the city’s population, descended on Kansas City for last week’s Super Bowl parade, celebrating the Chiefs’ second championship in four years. The drinks were flowing, and no one sagged more than quarterback Patrick Mahomes, whose afternoon of drunken debauchery included a memorable trip to Port-A-John followed by pledging the Lombardi Trophy to an unsuspecting, but still appreciative, fan along the parade. itinerary.

Patrick Mahomes received an ovation when he stepped off the potty. Kansas City, never change. pic.twitter.com/5D6Tdq085v

— Joshua Brisco (@jbbrisco) February 15, 2023

This Man Patrick Mahomes Was So Drunk Bro He Gave Fan Super Bowl Trophy pic.twitter.com/w5bms5Ju78

— Shannonnn sharpens Burner (PARODY account) (@shannonsharpeee) February 16, 2023

While social media seemed to appreciate Mahomes’ freedom, a segment of the fan base apparently didn’t appreciate his overindulgence, complaining about players’ excessive drinking in outraged letters to the Kansas City Star.

“I am not against drinking nor naive enough to think that our footballers don’t drink. However, there is absolutely no need to allow Chiefs players to drink during the Super Bowl parade. It shouldn’t have been allowed by coach Andy Reid and team ownership for some very good reasons,” said Janet Hensel of Liberty, Missouri, dismissing the behavior of Mahomes and his teammates as drunken buffoonery as she looked up to them as role models “If the bosses can’t go a few hours without alcohol, the organization has a problem. I, for one, was disgusted to see it for the second time. Some bosses even bragged on social media about how drunk they were after. I’m ashamed that the players I rooted for could barely walk after getting off the bus.”

This seems like an overreaction to what many would consider harmless entertainment, a well-deserved reprieve for players and coaches after months of burning the candle on both sides. Mahomes isn’t the first player and certainly won’t be the last to throw some in his team’s Super Bowl parade. Even Tom Brady, a notorious wet blanket notorious for disguising his personality behind mundane Twitter musings (usually selling a product or promoting one of his various hustles) and the occasional manufactured drama on his weekly podcast, survived the festivities of the Bucs Super Bowl two years ago in Tampa, embracing his “Tequila Tom” alter ego by tossing the Lombards overboard in a reckless display of liquid courage. Coors’ recent binge of Mahomes and its accompanying backlash begs the question, if the Chiefs can’t celebrate after winning the Super Bowl, when can they?

“I was surprised and dismayed to see that Patrick Mahomes and other players were drinking alcohol again. I felt this way three years ago and thought there would be enough negative feedback from parents of children and teenagers who voiced their concerns to Chiefs Administration that it would not be repeated,” lamented Overland’s Skip Stogsdill Park under the heading “Not in Public.” “Next time there’s a victory parade, please drink your booze privately and discreetly. Impressionable young people deserve better role models than the ones you’ve shown two times.

While a recent incident involving Andy Reid’s son, former Chiefs staffer Britt Reid (who is currently serving a three-year prison sentence for injuring a five-year-old girl in a driving accident in the state of inebriation), illustrates the dangers and lifelong damage caused by alcohol abuse, isn’t it right for Mahomes, as an adult, to celebrate as he chooses, as long as he does so responsibly without affecting his job performance?

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