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Fashionable Footwear You Need in Your Suitcase

Taking regular vacations is an important aspect of maintaining not only positive mental health but physical well-being. Did you know that people who take regular vacations are at a significantly lower risk for metabolic diseases during their lifetime than their non-vacationing counterparts? There’s so much to love about getting out of town, exploring new sites and cultures, and meeting new people.

While you’re enjoying your time away, you’ll likely take lots of selfies and group photos – which means you want to look your best. In addition to looking great, you want to feel comfortable and enjoy any activity on your trip. Those two things add up to the fact that what you pack in your suitcase to wear on your trip is critical.

While you may have your clothing covered, shoes are a bit harder. They take up more space in a suitcase than folded clothing. If you’re struggling over what footwear deserves a space in your carry-on, keep reading to nail down which fashionable footwear you need.

Water Shoes 

If your destination is by the water, it may be worth bringing a pair of water shoes on your trip. While plenty of parents are used to putting these waterproof and protective shoes on their kiddos, they may not realize how much they benefit adults too. Whether you plan on sailing or spending time at a waterpark, it’s worth packing along a pair of water shoes.

Hiking Boots 

For outdoor activities involving a strenuous amount of walking and hiking, hiking boots are a must. Sure, they may not be the most stylish-looking footwear, but they provide vital support and comfort while exploring the great outdoors. Also, hiking boots protect your ankles which is critical as you navigate forests, canyons, and anything in between. 

Walking Shoes 

One of the best parts about traveling to a new city is taking to the streets to immerse yourself in the local culture. You want to get the most out of the town by walking to local shops, enjoying street trucks serving local fare, and checking out museums. Make sure you can keep going throughout the long days and not need to take a break because your feet are aching. Comfortable, supportive walking shoes are a must. Thankfully, most designers offer a stylish option in this department, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. 

Knock Arounds 

On the days you’re just going to be knocking around town, you want a pair of shoes that provide comfort and movement but aren’t as clunky as athletic sneakers. From cute platform shoes for women to a pair of loafers, it’s smart to have a pair of knock-around shoes that go with the rest of the clothing you pack. Knock-around shoes should match your personal style, but they should be easy to slide on to run out for espresso or catch a performance. 

Supportive Sandals 

Supportive sandals are an essential shoe choice if you’re traveling somewhere hot and humid but still need shoes that will support your walking around a lot. Allowing your feet to breathe in the environment will keep you cooler and more comfortable, and the support will allow you to enjoy your days walking around. If you know, you’re not going to be doing much else aside from exploring, these types of shoes may be all you need if your goal is to pack like a minimalist. 

Heels or Wedges 

A dressier shoe is a must if you know ahead of time that part of your vacation plans is high-end restaurants or black tie events. If you have several reasons to “dress up” on your trip but want to save room in your luggage, a pair of neutral heels that go with everything is smart. Wedges are a better choice than heels if you need more comfort or mobility in your dress shoe. 

The above-mentioned shoes will cover all your bases no matter where you’re headed on your next vacation. Of course, you don’t need to bring each one, but you should bring each style that makes sense for your travel plans. By packing the appropriate footwear, you can ensure that you’re not only comfortable on your trip but that you’re traveling in style – Happy Trails!

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