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Fifteenth anniversary of the murder of Charles Britt

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) – A local family is still searching and hoping for answers, 15 years after the murder of a husband and father of two.

On February 15, 2008, Charles Britt and his family decided to have a family night and watch a movie. Charles went to get pizza while his wife, Christina Britt, was at home with her two children. Christina heard Charles at the door and told her boys to answer it, but she shortly after heard him tell her to call the police.

Then she heard shuffling noises and told the boys to go to her room as she tried to find her phone. Shortly after she heard a shot.

Det. Tanner Fowler picked up on the cold cases in December after former Det. John Laughlin has retired. He said detectives had suspects but they just didn’t have that one piece of information to lead to an arrest.

“They had several suspects early on and couldn’t get evidence on any of them,” Fowler said.

During that time, there had also been a string of aggravated robberies in that neighborhood near Fillmore Street. While the gang’s task force was called in to look for the suspects the night of the murder, Fowler ultimately doesn’t believe he was related to the gang even though some of the suspects have gang ties.

“Just the nature of where they were and down there on Fillmore st. it’s kind of a high-crime area, stuff like that,” Fowler said. “Some of the crimes that were being committed at the time, it was kind of an angle, but I don’t know necessarily that it was gang-related.”

Fowler also doesn’t think the victim knew the suspect.

“It seemed like it was more likely random,” Fowler said. “We don’t think he was targeted. He really didn’t have a problem with a lot of people, there were a couple of neighbors, things like that, it definitely works more casually.

Fowler said detectives at the time tracked the corner of the robbery pretty hard and one of the suspects lends itself more to that corner. But 15 years later, detectives are still looking for the evidence that would have ultimately put the perpetrator behind bars.

“We can’t solve this without getting the latest information,” Fowler said. “I know we’ve sent out different tests to different labs and things like that, and we’ve got some things back that look promising, but we’re still just missing one piece of information that’s going to point us in the right direction.”

Hopefully they find this information, so a wife and her children can finally have closure, after 15 long years.

If you have information that could help detectives, no matter how big or small you think it is, call Crime Stoppers 24 hours a day at 322-9888 or go to P.3.Tips.com to leave your tip information. You never have to give your name, and if your information leads to an arrest and board approval because it’s a cold-blooded murder case, you could earn up to $10,000.

Also, if you want to know more about this case, click here.

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