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Four Ramona High athletes sign deals to play varsity sports

Four Ramona High School seniors pledged their commitment to varsity sports during a Feb. 7 signing ceremony at the school.

Bulldog athletes who wish to attend college on academic and/or athletic scholarships include football players Azlan Enriquez and Nicholas Driscoll, soccer player Diego Ramos, and baseball player Reed Gunnett.

The students were joined by their families and the coaches of Ramona High – baseball coach Dean Welch, football coach Mike Jordan and football coach Damon Baldwin – as they signed the deals.

The Ramona High athletes who signed the February 7 pledge to play varsity sports are, from left, Reed Gunnett, Nicholas Driscoll, Azlan Enriquez, and Diego Ramos.

(Julie Gallant)

Enriquez, 18, plans to play soccer for the Mountaineers team at Eastern Oregon University in La Grande, Oregon.

“They gave me an academic/athletic scholarship that will put me in a good financial position after I graduate, so I will graduate with very little debt compared to other schools,” Enriquez said. “I was very excited and felt fortunate to have had this opportunity to further my athletic and academic career that is closer to home than most other colleges I have considered. I had several offers to play college football, but this school suited me best.

Football player Azlan Enriquez, 18, center, plans to play for the Mountaineers team at Eastern Oregon University in La Grande, Ore. He is shown with his brothers, Atticus, on the left, and Adrian, on the right.

(Julie Gallant)

Enriquez played soccer for six years and basketball for 13, but says soccer is his favorite sport. When his parents Emery and Jena Enriquez thought he was ready, they signed him up for soccer, where he excelled, he said.

He has played multiple positions, as running back, wide receiver, safety and cornerback, for the Bulldogs, but plans to play a “flex” position as wide receiver and running back at Eastern Oregon University.

“They gave off a very friendly small-town vibe that was big on soccer and prepared me to graduate with little to no debt,” Enriquez said of the university. “The coaching staff supported me a lot and they liked me a lot.”

Enriquez plans to major in kinesiology/pre-physical therapy with plans to become a physical therapist for athletes or sports teams.

“Having a big family and strong faith helped me become a better person throughout my school career,” she said.

Nicholas Driscoll, 18, busy playing football for the Ravens at Benedictine College north of Kansas City. He played soccer for 11 years, but said he grew to love the sport even more as a defensive end at Ramona High.

Driscoll plans to study electrical engineering and be close to family members. He will be attending the school on a $33,500 scholarship, she said.

“It was cool because everything aligned,” she said. “I’ll be close to family. They have an electrical engineering program and it’s a Catholic school, so I was really happy with that.”

Football player Nicholas Driscoll, 18, plans to play for the Ravens at Benedictine College north of Kansas City. His father, Brian Driscoll, is shown with him.

(Julie Gallant)

If the opportunity presents itself, Driscoll has said he will pursue a career as a professional soccer player, but for now, he plans to become an electrical engineer because he is interested in building things.

“I loved seeing all the hard work pay off and getting the scholarship,” she said. “I want to thank my coaches and teammates.”

Diego Ramos, an 18-year-old soccer player, plans to play for the Dragons at Tiffin University in Tiffin, Ohio. He said he has a strong passion for football after playing the sport for 14 years and intends to play a “striker” position where he can score goals for the team.

Ramos said he was surprised to get an athletic and academic scholarship to his first choice of college.

“It’s a great opportunity for me to further my athletic and academic career and it’s a chance to prepare for my future,” he said.

Soccer player Diego Ramos, 18, plans to play for the Dragons at Tiffin University in Tiffin, Ohio. He is shown with, from left, coach Mike Jordan, dad Jorge, mom Teresa and brother Isaac.

(Julie Gallant)

Ramos plans to study criminal justice or law enforcement with the goal of becoming a police officer. He said he is choosing that path because his uncle, Carlos Holguin, is a police officer and his friend, Azlan Enriquez’s father, Emery Enriquez, is a police officer.

“I have great memories with all the sports I’ve played — football, baseball and soccer — but soccer is my favorite,” Ramos said.

Reed Gunnett, 17, plans to play baseball with the Pirates at Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington. He wants to continue playing first and third base, which he said he likes because he has a lot of action on the field.

Gunnett earned a $32,000 academic scholarship based on his 3.86 GPA.

“I wanted to go to a small college on the West Coast that was a faith-based Christian university,” said Gunnett, who has been playing baseball for 12 years. “I got accepted at my first choice of college.”

Baseball player Reed Gunnett, 17, center, plans to play for the Pirates at Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington. He is shown with his father, Chris Gunnett, at left, and trainer Dean Welch.

(Julie Gallant)

Gunnett also plans to major in kinesiology with the goal of becoming a physical therapist for sports teams and athletes.

“I like helping people with their injuries and I like seeing their well-being and getting back to how they should perform,” she said. “I want to thank my coaches and teammates who have helped me through the process.”

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