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GEHS wrestlers compete in doubles


Dalton Inlow

Every Tuesday, the JV/C team teams travel somewhere for doubles against other schools in the area. This has been a great effort and investment in the future of the programs involved so they can continue to build. It was great for us to continuously get ALL of our kids matches as it’s not very common for JV wrestlers to get 20-30 matches in a season. We traveled to Olathe West on Tuesday with 23 wrestlers, 13 of whom were part of our dual lineup against Olathe South and Olathe West. It was as exciting as ever, but Olathe West’s double came to the edge. An important decision by Jaden Augustine reduced our deficit to 17 with 18 points available. Fast pins from Rubin Pino-Martinez and Sam Huff meant if Caleb Hollins won by pin we would win double by 1 point. Down 7-2 at the end of the match, Caleb mustered the strength and desire to put his opponent on his back and land the game-winning double fall! Coaches cheering, exhausted but smiling Caleb and a group of teammates cheering on the side of the mat is a stunning picture and further demonstrates why this sport is so good for anyone.

This was truly a fun and unique night as the Blazers wrestling team traveled to Olathe Northwest for the first ever ‘Beauty and the Beast’ double! Normally, men’s and women’s doubles are held separately with separate scoring and lineups. This time, we united into one big double team with a full score and lineup. We alternated between the girls match and then the boys match all the way and scored as one unit! Ellie Rhea and Zaine Mayfield captured outstanding wrestler recognition as they went out and dominated their opponents with fast pins. It’s been great to see our full lineups in action and what’s possible as we head into the postseason. This was truly a fantastic event highlighting both programs in one night!

1/25/23 Doubles vs. Shawnee Mission West & Blue Valley North @ SMW 1/28/23 V/JV @ Junction City Invitational Girls @ Washburn Rural Invite

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