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Get your Big Red’s Corn Dogs T-Shirt from BreakingT now

Yes, the Kansas City Chiefs really did have a play called “corn dog.” And yes, it worked. And yes, our friends at BreakingT have made it into an awesome tee.

On a third-and-three from the Eagles five-yard line Sunday night in the fourth quarter, Kansas City needed a touchdown.

At the time, the prospect of a field goal wasn’t particularly reassuring, as the Eagles had no trouble moving the ball in the first half.

So everyone thought about landing.

Including head coach Andy Reid. Big Red knew what game he needed to run.

Corn dog.

Yes, it was actually called a corn dog.

And yes, BreakingT put it on a shirt. Check it out below.


BreakingT’s Big Red’s Corn Dogs

Yes, “corn dog” is really what the play used to be called.

BreakingT products are simply the best. Incredibly soft and snug, when you wear one you’ll be comfortable all day long. Plus, they look great and other fans will be jealous of your awesome shirt.

You can order your new favorite t-shirt for just $32 at Wear The Moment and tell the whole world who you’re rooting for.

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