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Getting Ready for a First Date: A Complete Ladies’ Guide

Going on a first date is nerve-wracking. Whether you’re meeting your online crush in person for the first time or going out with someone new that you’ve met, you know how important it is to make a good impression. Guys and gals should want their date to feel special, but don’t present yourself in a way that’s not real. 

Instead, you should strive to be you — but just the slightly more put-together version of yourself, of course. It all depends on how you met of course and whether you already know the person in real life or not, but here are some tips to help you get ready for that important first official date.

Dress for the Occasion

Are you going to a ball game or are you going to a ball? The type of date you are going on will help you determine what to wear. You want to feel comfortable, confident, and good, so make sure you pick something you already own if you have something appropriate. Jean and a cute shirt with a nice pair of flats are a simple, but elegant way to look nice when it’s going to be a more casual date. 

Conversely, if you’re heading to a nightclub or a formal type of event, you’ll need a dress that fits the part. It’s important to make sure you know where you are going on the date so you can find the best outfit to wear. And this goes without saying, but you don’t want to wear brand new shoes. If your heels are not broken in yet, your feet will hate you at the end of the date. It’s best to wear shoes you’ve owned and worn for a while.

Keep Your Makeup Simple

This is based on your level of simplicity. If you’re always glammed up, then go with a more natural style of glam. If you’re more of a lip gloss kind of gal, then try a plumping lip gloss to elevate your look. Too much makeup might be a distraction and it can take away from you and your date from enjoying the night. 

Plus, no date likes to wait an extra hour just because you want to put on layers and layers of makeup in preparation for your time together. They are there to go out with the real you, not the painted version of you. So, keep your makeup on the simple side to be ready on time for your date. It’s just common courtesy, after all.

Bring a Toothbrush

Not only should you brush your teeth before you go, but it might also be helpful to bring a toothbrush if you’ll be eating at any time on your date. The cliché of having lettuce on your teeth can be a real thing, and some dates are too embarrassed to say anything. Avoid the problem altogether and take a moment to brush your teeth after you’re done eating. You’ll freshen up your breath and clean your teeth all at the same time.

Don’t Forget Deodorant

Stressing out over what to wear and doing your hair can make you a little forgetful. Deodorant is critical. Don’t spray yourself down with overwhelming body spray. These scents can be a turn-off, and if your date is three feet away and can still smell your spray, it’s too much. Make sure you’re clean, though, and then put on some deodorant. 

If you’re the kind of person who is sweaty or stinks even with deodorant, it’s okay to bring a bar with you to freshen up halfway through the date. Just a discreet touch-up of deodorant if you start to sweat, as well as your lotion, is more than enough to smell good and feel great on your date.

Tell a Friend

It’s always good to tell someone you’re going on a date and where you’re heading. This is especially important if it’s a date with someone you’ve never met in person. Public dates and going in separate cars can also help you stay safe on dates. You remember what your parents said about not getting into cars with strangers? This applies even as an adult. 

Just because you’ve been talking to someone online doesn’t make them any less of a stranger. Have fun on your date, but tell a friend who you’re meeting and where you’re going. And even if the date went well and you got home safely, check in with that friend via text just to let them know you’re okay.

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