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Girls Wrestling: State Tournament 2023 Team Scores, Match Results Placement

Vista PEAK senior Leilani Caamal, third from left, holds her second medal in the 155 lbs weight class at the end of the 2023 Colorado Girls State Wrestling Tournament on February 18, 2023, at the Ball Arena. The championship, third and fifth place matches concluded the three-day tournament. (Photo by Courtney Oakes/Sentinel Colorado)

DENVER | Final team scores and match results for the 2023 Women’s Wrestling State Tournament, which concluded on February 18, 2023 at Ball Arena. Aurora teams and individuals in bold and all caps:

Courtney Oakes is the sports editor of Sentinel Colorado. Reach it at [email protected] Twitter: @aurorasports. IG: Sentinel Prep Sports


February 18 at the Ball Arena

Team Scores: 1. Chatfield 133 points; 2.Discovery Canyon 128; 3. Pomona 116; 4. Country of love 88; 5. GJ 80 control unit; 6. Crest View 78; 7.Calhan 59; 8. Mesa Crest 57; 9. Bennett 50; T10. Fort Lupton 49; T10. Fontana-Fort Carson 49; 12. Powdery 47; 13. PEAK VIEW 45; 14. Doherty 42; T15. EAGLE CREAM 40; T15. Platte Valley 40; 17. Mead 38; T18. Canon City 35; T18. Moffat County 35; T18. Olate 35; 21. Douglas County 33; 22. Central Pueblo 28; 23. Denver North 27; 24. Arvada 26; T25. severance pay 25; T25. Wide field 25; T27. City of Adams 24; T27. Riverdale Crest 24; 29. Alamosa 22; T30. JESUIT REGIS 21; T30. Manitou Springs 21; T33. North fork 20; T33. Rifle 20; 35.Yuma 19; T36. Columbine 18; T36. Denver East 18; T36. Mountain View 18; T36. Palmer Ridge 18; 40. EARTH 16; 41 Brighton 14; 42. Coronados 12; T43. Harrison 11; T43. Junta 11; 45.Mullen 10; 46.Jefferson 9; T47. Greeley West 8; T47. Prairie View 8; T47. frog 8; T50. Fort Morgan 7; T50. Woodland Park 7; 52. Skyview 6; T53. Durango 5; T53. Lamar 5; T55. Ignatius 4; T55. John Mall 4; T57. Arapahoe 3; T57. Denver South 3; T57. Inheritance 3; T57. common liberty 3; T57. Sedgwick Co./Fleming 3; T57. Strasbourg 3; T57. West Grand 3; 64.Sierra 2.5; 65. Medium park 2

League matches

100 pounds: Katey Valdez (Doherty) Dec. Phoebe Gutiérrez (Adams City), 9-7 (OT)105 lbs: Alexis Jacquez (Fountain-Fort Carson) Dec. Hayden Newberg (Crest View), 7-0110 lbs: Janessa George (Chatfield) blocked Morgan Johnson (Loveland), 1:38115 lbs: Mia Hargrove (Discovery Canyon) dec. Amaya Hinojosa (wide field), 4-0120 lbs: Persaeus Gomez (Pomona) maj. dec. Lexie Lopez (Loveland), 14-2125 pounds: Isabella Cross (Mesa Ridge) Dec. ALEXIS SEGURA (JESUIT REGIS)4-0£130: Timberly Martinez (Pomona) maj. dec. Mollie Dare (GJ Central), 11-2135 lbs: Taylor Meiss (Chatfield) blocked Adrianna Lopez (Discovery Canyon), 2:40140 lbs: Ryan Hickey (Chatfield) blocked Ashley Booth (Mead), 2:59145 lbs: Janida Garcia (Discovery Canyon) blocked Desza Munson (Pomona), 3:43155 lbs: Victoria Guinard (Discovery Canyon) Dec. LEILANI CAAMAL (PEAK VIEW)5-1170 lbs: Nevaeh Garcia (Platte Valley) maj. dec. Makaela Simpson (Moffat County), 13-5190 lbs: Taylor Knox (Calhan) Dec. BLYTHE CAYKO (EAGLE CREST)3-2 (UTB)215 pounds: Ciara Monger (Calhan) blocked Natasha Kuberski (Riverdale Ridge), 0:57

Matches for third place

100 pounds: Eyvori Jacquez (Fountain-Fort Carson) Dec. Marie Giordano (Bennett), 6-4105 pounds: Alora Martinez (Pomona) blocked Rylee Balcazar (Fort Lupton), 2:07110 pounds: Sarah DeLaCerda (Alamosa) pinned Journey Ruiz (Columbine), 1:34115 pounds: Lindsey Lopez (Loveland) maj. dec. Hannah Rocklin (Chatfield), 13-5£120: Kate Doughty (Canon City) pinned Kate Hinojosa (Platte Valley), 4:18125 lbs: Naomi Kidd (Doherty) Dec. Isabella Ciotti (Arvada), 6-4130 lbs: Olivia Newel (Vista Ridge) blocked Abbie Reeves (Manitou Springs), 2:40135 pounds: Sadie Percy (Severance) dec. Kenna Pino (Pueblo Central), 5-4 (UTB)140 lbs: Sierra Moskalski (Loveland) blocked Abbigail Smith (Poudre), 3:48145 pounds: Camryn Scott (Chatfield) blocked Kirsten Davis (Mead), 1:53155 lbs: Alissa DuBois (Bennett) blocks Madison Farris (Rifle), 1:49170 lbs: Alison Evans (Vista Ridge) Maj. dec. Sicily Frates (Pomona), 13-3190 lbs: Mahalia Jones (Mesa Ridge) blocked Elizabeth Sandy (Douglas County), 0:52235 pounds: Lynessia Duran (Olathe) Dec. Alejandra Alfaro (Denver East), 6-4 (OT)

Games for fifth place

100 pounds: Piper Montoya (Canon City) blocked Yilani Garcia (La Junta), 3:00105 pounds: Katlyn Faczak (Bennett) Dec. Larhae Whaley (Soroco), 6-5110 pounds: Mia Thorne (Discovery Canyon) pinned Jessica Farmer (Coronado), 4:07115 pounds: Jylian Cabral (Douglas County) Dec. Ashley Marshall (Yuma), 7-3120lbs: VIANCA MENDOZA (OVERLAND) blocked Yesenia Morales (Harrison), 4:23125 lbs: Genevieve Hunt (Fort Lupton) Dec. Faith Vondy (breaking), 5-1130 lbs: Samantha White (Broomfield) maj. dec. Neveah Torres (Denver North), 15-3135 pounds: Apollonia Middleton (Central GJ) blocked Sydney Wu (Broomfield), 1am140 lbs: Kacey Walck (North Fork) blocked Kaydence Bonewell (Vista Ridge), 1:48145 pounds: Anastyn Livesay (Fort Lupton) Dec. RACHEL ALLRED (PEAK VIEW)2-0155 pounds: Rosebelle Atayde (Denver North) blocked Aby England (Olathe), 4:48£170: Jzunie Jones (Mullen) dec. Raquel Rios-Paiz (Prairie View), 7-6£190: Laylah Casto (Central GJ) blocked Ozi Ogu (Mountain Vista), 0:40235 pounds: Rya Burke (Central GJ) pinned Mariah Gonzales (Poudre), 1:48

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