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Good News Thursday: Volunteers Plan Valentine’s Day for Widows, Auburn Student Wins Car at Basketball Game, Young Kansas City Chiefs Fan with DMD Goes to Super Bowl

Volunteers organize Valentine’s Day for widows

Dozens of volunteers in North Carolina gathered on Monday for a special cause: to organize Valentine’s Day for widows. The team has been collecting faces for months in anticipation of the holidays or in preparation for the holidays.

“For Mother’s Day, we gave it a try to see if it would work. And we were just overwhelmed with how many people’s names we entered. So we decided to do it for Valentine’s Day. We have some widows that this will be their first Valentine’s Day without their spouse,” said Marie Martin, the founder of the organization Moms Wishing Widows Well.

The goal of the bouquets is to assure every widow that they are not alone and to bring smiles to their faces.

The auburn student wins the car at the basketball game

An Auburn student won a car Feb. 11 in a game against Alabama after making a successful full-court (94-foot) putt. Lucky student Craig Noyes claims he’s not even a golfer, yet he’s the first person to win the competition since 2014.

“It was so loud when I got to the ball. Once I hit it, I completely walked away. I couldn’t hear anyone,” Noyes said. “It was only when the announcer put his hand on my shoulder and said I’d won a car that I believed it.”

Noyes was randomly picked from the crowd at halftime after camping out outside the arena with friends for 24 hours to get good seats. He doesn’t own a car, but thanks to the local Toyota dealership he will soon have one.

Young Kansas City Chiefs fan diagnosed with DMD goes to the Super Bowl

Gavin Meyer, a 12-year-old with Duchenne muscular dystrophy from Missouri, had the weekend of a life when Make-A-Wish sent him to the Super Bowl. The young Kansas City Chiefs fan was able to watch his favorite team win the NFL championship.

“It honestly makes my heart so happy. I’m speechless,” said Gavin’s mom Barbara. “Gavin has to be receiving weekly infusions and it has been a little difficult for him lately…it really helps us to know that someone cares and is with us in this fight.”

Gavin, along with other guys like him, was able to get a behind the scenes tour of the stadium, play Top Golf, and even meet some of the players. “I hope that when the days get tough and when Gavin needs a little push, he can look back on this experience and really give him that extra step to go and conquer anything,” Make-A-Wish’s Brian Miller said. said.

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