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Growing White Widow Strain

In recent times, the White Widow; one of the best hybrid strains has gotten more recognition due to the tremendous benefits it offers. These benefits include pain relief, effecting a relaxed and calm feeling, easing stress and anxiety, among others. 

The White Widow strain is among the oldest cannabis strains and have existed for decades.  And since then, different classes of individuals have been using it for either recreational or medicinal purposes. Growing the White Widow strain can be a rewarding experience for cannabis growers because it’s a high-yielding and easy-growing strain. Here’s how to go about it.

Essential Factors for Growing White Widow Strain

Before you begin to grow White Widow strain, there are some essential things about cannabis cultivation you should understand. When you know the basics, you’d be able to handle the grow process successfully. Below are the factors you need to consider:

Where to Grow The Plant

The White Widow strain can grow well on both natural soils or water-based grow mediums. If you choose the soil as your grow medium, ensure you find the best loamy soil with essential nutrient content, high porosity, and the ability to retain a good proportion of water. 

In contrast, hydroponics entails growing cannabis in a water-based solution with sand and gravel rather than soil.

You can grow White Widow indoors or outdoors; depending on your choice, it will thrive well in both environments.

Light Source

Deciding on an excellent light source is very important. The primary light sources are sunlight, LED light, and HID light. We all know sunlight as the free, natural lighting source. However, other lighting sources can do the trick. LED light is an artificial lightning source with different wavelengths, just like sunlight. HID (high-intensity discharge) light is also an artificial light source used in cultivating weed strains which is less expensive and less active than LED light.   

Grow Techniques

There are unique grow techniques for White Widow, however, among which SOG or SCROG is the most recommended for White Widow strains. They may sound complicated but they’re not. 

The sea of green method (SOG) is a process of growing White Widow strain in tight areas for their buds, while the screen of green (SCROG) is a unique indoor grow technique. 

Optimal Growth Environment

When growing a White Widow strain, you should always ensure the environment is ideal or as close to ideal as possible. Environmental conditions to consider includes;

  • Temperature

The ideal temperature should be between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with a relative humidity of 40 to 60 percent. 

  • Water

As much as White Widow strains need to be watered regularly for optimal growth, they can also be easily over-watered. One of the signs of overwatered plants includes root rot.

  • Light

You should also ensure that your plants are exposed to adequate light sources. As a result of the White Widow’s high affinity for sunlight, the plant grows more buds outdoors. You should expose your plant to 18 hours of light daily during the vegetative stage and 12 hours during the flowering stage. 

  • Adequate Air Circulation

Having adequate air circulation is vital in White Widow production. Air circulation ensures stems are strengthened and plant growth is optimized. Always ensure you space out plants far enough that they can get plenty of light and air circulation.

Process of Growing White Widow Strains

Seed Selection

Once your grow space is set up, you can then select appropriate strains for your White Widow plants. You should source for original White Widow seeds that are fresh and of good quality, as these will produce the best results.


Germination is the second step in growing your White Widow strain. The process should take about two weeks. 

Stages of growth

There are three distinct stages of growth, and they are extensively explained below; 

  • The Vegetative Stage

The vegetative stage is where the plant matures and produces the reproductive parts. The vegetative stage usually lasts eight weeks with adequate environmental conditions, such as 18 hours of light daily.

  • The Flowering Stage

The flowering stage is where all flower buds grow and reach their harvesting period. Flowering should be complete in 60 days when grown indoors and 75 days when grown outdoors. To harvest potent buds, you should switch light hours to dark periods for two weeks. 

  • The Harvest

10 to 11 weeks is an ideal time to grow White Widow strain from germination to harvest. You can as well harvest your plants 75 days after auto-flower seed germination. 


Finally, the White Widow strain is the most commonly grown strain worldwide due to its tremendous benefits. Factors to consider before planting White Widow strains are basic growing techniques, environmental conditions, and others. Always remember that the Herbies head shop can cater to all your cannabis seed needs. You should reach out to them today!

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