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Guns, Water and TikTok: Legislative Thursday

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Several pieces of legislation passed Thursday in houses of the Kansas Legislature as lawmakers moved on gun safety, cybersecurity and the state’s looming water crisis.

The Kansas Senate has passed a bill allowing firearm safety programs in local schools. The vote was 30-8, with opponents questioning the law’s requirement that K-8 courses be based on the National Rifle Association’s “Eddie Eagle” program.

The bill now goes home.

The Kansas House on Thursday voted 109-12 to ban TikTok from any electronic device owned or issued to a state employee. It expands an executive order from Gov. Laura Kelly issued in December that applies to executive branch agencies. Proponents say it’s a security concern. With TikTok’s parent company based in China, Congress and more than half of the US have banned it. Those who voted against the bill were concerned about naming a specific company in Kansas law. The bill now goes to the Senate.

Further back in the legislative process, the House Water Committee Thursday advanced two bills aimed at boosting the state’s water supply. One requires groundwater management districts to report annually on water quality and quantity. The other increases funding for water projects by $54 million. The bill now moves to plenary for debate.

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