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Health Benefits Of Sleeping With Someone

There are some serious benefits to cuddling up to someone and having company in the bed. Not only do you feel less lonely and extra comfy, but sleeping with someone in bed is said to be good for the immune system, and can help reduce anxiety and positively impact relationships. 

To make sleeping next to someone even better, it is beneficial to set the bedroom to comfort perfection. This includes investing in the best mattress, and most comfortable pillows for the ultimate sleep experience. 

Top 3 Health Benefits Of Sleeping With Someone

1. Decreases in stress levels 

The nurturing feeling of having someone next to you in bed can do wonders for reducing stress and promoting calmness and clarity. If you are leading a stressful life with a demanding job and family, cuddling and caressing in bed is known to help align thoughts, allowing you to focus only on the things that really matter. This process allows for better quality sleep as less time is spent ruminating on thoughts right before bed.

2. Deeper more restorative sleep

Sleeping with someone helps many people fall asleep faster and experience deeper, more restorative sleep. Some people can complete the sleep cycle more successfully when they have someone next to them. Experiencing all the stages of sleep is critical for waking up feeling rejuvenated. Those who sleep so well with a partner can often find it difficult to achieve the same level of sleep when alone.

3. Improvement in immunity

Intimacy and cuddling can boost the immune system and promote healthy blood circulation, which is essential for immunity. A good immune system helps the body fight against illnesses for increased well being. 

How To Sleep Better With Someone

While some people find it super easy to sleep next to their partners, others are not so lucky. For some, partner disturbance actually makes sleep harder. Factors of partner disturbance include snoring, tossing and turning, and overheating. 

The best news is that no matter what the situation, with the right bedroom furniture, you can improve how you sleep with a partner. 

Step 1: Upgrade to a memory foam mattress 

If you have a partner who is constantly moving around in bed, then a memory foam mattress is for you. Memory foam is considered to be the most comfortable mattress because it has a fantastic ability to isolate motion. This is great news for light sleepers who tend to wake up even with the slightest disturbance. 

A memory foam mattress is also highly suitable for hot sleepers as they are cooling mattresses. Sleeping cool is essential when you are sleeping with a partner. Temperature regulation leads to deeper sleep allowing you to wake up energized. To find the best-rated mattress, compare brands and benefits. 

Step 2: Ensure your bed is the right size

When you’re struggling for space, you are likely not sleeping as comfortably as you could. When sleeping with a partner, the best mattress sizes are queen size, king size, and cal king size. 

Each of these mattresses sizes will ensure you both have enough space to feel comfy. 

Step 3: Find the best sleeping position 

While some like cuddling, others do not. In order to sleep well, finding the best sleeping position that allows you to sleep deeply is essential. If you are a side sleeper, investing in the best memory foam pillow will help you as these pillows are adjustable. 

Not all pillows are the same. A cooling memory foam pillow will ensure both you and your partner can customize the height and firmness of the pillow to suit your needs. Sleeping on the wrong pillow can have a detrimental impact on the neck and shoulders, leading to pain and discomfort. 

How To Sleep Better Alone

Despite the many health benefits sleeping with a partner brings, don’t fret if you are a solo sleeper. You can still achieve similar health benefits by sleeping alone. Here are some tips on how to get the same health benefits of sleeping with a partner when you sleep by yourself. 

To get the same feeling of sleeping with a partner, cuddle a pillow. A body pillow makes for the perfect cuddle buddy. Body pillows are oversized pillows that are helpful for a variety of reasons. They are often used during pregnancy, or to ease back pain. But they are just as useful to calm the nerves before bed. 

For more acute stress relief, you can’t look past the wonders of a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets are heavy blankets that apply gentle weight pressure to muscles and joints, allowing the body to relax and fall asleep faster. 

They initially became famous after being used for years as a sleeping aid for children. But now, weighted blankets have become a trendy household that must-have, helping people of all ages find unbelievable relaxation. 

Sleeping with a partner is a great thing, as long as the sleep you are getting is healthy and rejuvenating. If it isn’t, a mattress upgrade and some small adjustment to the bedroom set up can help you find the healthiest version of sleep possible. 

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