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Heidi Gardner Shows Her Love For Kansas City Chiefs Not Once But Twice In Latest ‘SNL’

“Saturday Night Live” star Heidi Gardner has always found ways, subtle and obvious, to show her love for her hometown Kansas City Chiefs.

The Notre Dame de Sion alum hid a Chiefs plastic cup on a shelf in a skit. She proclaimed in a podcast that her “biggest dream” is to have Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes host the show, or perhaps co-host with Travis Kelce.

On this weekend’s “SNL,” he doubled up with not one, but two Chiefs thanks.

The host was Michael B. Jordan, who stars in and directs the upcoming boxing drama “Creed III,” so Gardner used the opportunity to reprise his starring role: Angel, who is “Every boxer’s girlfriend from every movie on boxing ever”. (It’s the character Gardner used in his audition to join the cast of “SNL.”)

Again, Angel laments boyfriend Tommy’s struggles. But this time he’s dating a new boyfriend, Adonis Creed. And somehow, even though Angel has a thick Boston accent, he yells, “Go Chiefs!”

At the end of each show, when the entire cast and guests gather onstage, Gardner often dons a Chiefs shirt. This time around he was full body fandom in sweats dotted with the Chiefs logo and a Chiefs jersey underneath.

While Jordan and musical guest Lil Baby were cheering, there was Gardner, who hopped up and down and clapped. For the show? Probably. For the Chiefs? Decidedly.

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