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ARKADELPHIA, Arka., Feb. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Arkadelphia High School is a powerhouse when it comes to football and marching band. The Badger Pride Marching Band has won seven consecutive state titles, while the Arkadelphia football team has won four state titles. To renovate the course with a Hellas Turf System, Arkadelphia High School partnered with The Interlocal Purchasing System, better known as TIPS Purchasing Cooperative, to purchase the course through a nationwide leveraged purchase agreement.

“We wanted security and that’s what we got with Hellas’ Matrix Helix® & Cushdrain®,” says Arkadelphia trainer Trey Schucker

Tweet this Hellas installed Matrix Helix® turf and a Cushdrain® at AllCare Field at Badger Stadium in Arkadelphia. Hellas installed Matrix Helix® synthetic grass and a Cushdrain® at Arkadelphia High School. The paved Cushdrain pad in place absorbs shock preventing hard impacts while reducing injury to athletes. The Cushdrain also provides flatness and improves field drainage. Hellas installed Matrix Helix® synthetic turf at Arkadelphia High School, which is the same turf system found in 11 NFL facilities. SoFi Stadium in the Los Angeles area and AT&T Stadium in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex are examples of NFL stadiums using Hellas’ Matrix Helix turf.

Hellas works with cooperative purchasing partners like TIPS to streamline the purchasing process for customers. Cooperatives satisfy state and local procurement laws by procuring contracts for goods and services through competitive solicited RFP and by leveraging the purchasing power of many member agencies to lower the cost of goods and services for those agency members.

A co-op purchase through TIPS provided Arkadelphia with the opportunity to purchase a top of the line multi-use surface which included Hellas Matrix Helix® monofilament turf and a Cushdrain® pad placed under the surface to absorb shock and improve field drainage.

“We wanted to give the kids in our district the best of the best when it comes to the safety of our players and that’s what we have with Hellas’ Matrix Helix turf and Cushdrain pad,” says Trey Schucker, Arkadelphia Head Coach.

Hellas Matrix Helix and Cushdrain artificial turf are trusted by K-12 schools, collegiate programs and NFL teams nationwide because of the natural grass playing experience they provide.

“Working with a cooperative on a sports surface is a great way to get a project funded quickly,” says Ruth Hawley, contract manager at Hellas Cooperatives. “We are proud to partner with several cooperatives to help our clients implement projects such as the field renovation at Arkadelphia High School that provides their schools and communities with beautiful and safe places to play.”

The Arkadelphia High School Badgers football team played its inaugural season on the new field in the fall of 2022, reaching the state semifinals for the second straight year. The soccer teams will open the game in their first season on the field in late February.

About Hellas Construction Inc. – Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Hellas Construction is America’s largest sports contractor specializing in the manufacture, construction and installation of sports surfaces and facilities. Hellas manufactures its own products, as well as owning and operating its own heavy construction equipment, making the company a true one stop shop for turf, track, field and sports facility lighting projects. In addition to hundreds of K-12 sports surface designs, Hellas has built NFL playing and practice fields for the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, Las Vegas Raiders, Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers, Kansas City Chiefs, Tennessee Titans, Washington Commanders, Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins and Green Bay Packers. For more information visit www.hellasconstruction.com.

About Arkadelphia High School – Collectively as a community in Arkansas, Arkadelphia ISD provides equitable resources, a safe learning environment, and high-quality educational services for all scholars to successfully reach and reach their full potential. For more information, visit arkadelphiaschools.org

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Media Contact: Jeff PowerHellas Director of Communications[email protected]

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