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Hello, Hollywood! 5 Fail-Proof Tips on How to Become an Actor

Do you want your name in lights and your own star on the sidewalk? Millions of people have tried and failed to make it in the movies, but you could be that one in a million that breaks through. All you need to be famous is a work ethic, perseverance, and a little advice. 

Anyone can be an actor to a certain degree. However, if you want to really succeed, then you need to read our must-know guide on how to become an actor.

  1. Learn to Act

Would you apply for a job as a surgeon without having detailed knowledge of the medical procedures required and qualifications to back it up? It is unlikely, and you should view any acting job in exactly the same manner. Acting is a craft, and it needs honing just like any other talent or skill. 

Join an acting class or local theatre group. Study with mentors and coaches. Read books and take online courses. 

In addition, you need to vary the kind of acting you study. From classic Shakespeare to comedy, begin to try everything you can to build up your experience.

  2. Be Nice

The people you will meet on the way up, are usually the same ones you will meet on the way down. It pays to be nice to people, because acting circles are quite small, and what goes around, comes around. Even if people are less than welcoming or downright rude to you, act with professionalism at all times. 

It may be that the runner in the sitcom you did later becomes a director. If they remember you and how easy you were to work with, they are more likely to hire you.

  3. Go Where the Work Is

It used to be that many acting roles auditioned in New York and Los Angeles. While that may still be the case for Hollywood movies, due to the rise of streaming services, acting hubs have been decentralized.

Northern Ireland grew a huge cottage industry purely down to it being the filming hub for Game of Thrones. Many Eastern European countries like Hungary have thriving movie industries due to their affordable tax breaks. While you do not have to move to these places, it may help, or at least if you are within commuting distance.

  4. Take Inside Jobs

If you are struggling to pay the bills between auditions, why not do another job in the industry? That way, when the time comes, you can step up to the role with more experience and expertise than anyone else. Getting paid to learn about the industry must be better than doing menial tasks between auditions, right?

John Wayne was a studio props man before becoming an iconic star of the western movie. Gary Cooper was a stuntman. Being on the inside gets your foot in the door, and some of the highest earning actors started doing other on-set jobs.

  5. Be Patient

Finally, take your time and be patient. You never know when your big break will come calling, and it may happen in the most unexpected of ways. Keep on honing your craft with lessons, take roles that are offered, and prepare for that one call that will make your career.

That’s How to Become an Actor

Prepare yourself for setbacks, failure, and disappointment along the way. Now that you know how to become an actor, you can see you need to learn from your mistakes in acting and the next job will soon come calling! 

If you enjoyed our helpful guide, then visit the rest of our blog. We have articles on everything from career to financial advice. Browse our blogs today, so we can help you on your rise to stardom!


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