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Hirschi prepares for a one-act theater competition

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) – The Hirschi High School Theater department is preparing for their big competition of the school year, a play act.

“So every year about 2,000 schools compete across the state of Texas. It’s a 40 minute cut or 40 minute show done by every high school and you have seven minutes to set up 40 minutes to do your show, and seven minutes to tear down and a judge comes in and gives you an evaluation,” Hirschi High L ‘school drama teacher Brandi Perkins said.

In other UIL competitions, such as marching band, schools are awarded points from one to three, but with a one-act play each school is judged against the others, battling for first, second or third place.

Finding the right game is a tedious process.

“There is an approved playlist, a long list and a short list. You can choose any of those plays, as long as you have permission from the playwright or the publishing house to do that play,” Perkins said.

Perkins said that adaptability is the most important thing students learn in a one-act play.

“Learning to think on their feet and learning how to understand the basic idea of ​​light and sound design so that when they move to a new space, they feel comfortable in their knowledge no matter what is placed in front of them” Perkins said.

Chloe Scholer said she’s excited to compete.

“One-act plays are very different than a lot of other plays I’ve had and it’s a really good way for you to grow as an actor and as a person and make a good family with the people you’re around,” Scholer said.

Competitions begin in March and the state finals will take place in Austin this April.

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