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How companies can support NIL

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  • Video with Star Lumber & Armchair Strategies

Wichita State University supports NIL and our student-athletes’ ability to capitalize on some of their greatest and most valuable assets. While the institution is not and cannot be involved in the facilitation of NIL activities, it wants to ensure that our student-athletes and community partners follow all applicable rules and regulations so as not to jeopardize the student-athlete’s eligibility . There are currently five (5) pathways to community engagement: Armchair Strategies, Player Card, Paladin Strategies, Openback and direct connection with student-athletes.

It’s important to understand that the first four paths involve administrative fees, beyond the NIL deal itself. Armchair Strategies, Paladin Strategies, Player Card and Opendorse charge administration fees (5-20% depending on the nature of the business). These fees pay for the critical service components of Armchair Strategies, Paladin Strategies, Player Card and Opendorse (e.g. contract generation, document storage, withholding/reporting, etc.) that protect both the integrity of the institution that the fitness of student-athletes.

The fifth path involves direct connection with student-athletes. Community members can contact student-athletes about NIL proposals directly via social media, email, etc. This pathway requires critical service components (eg, contract generation, record keeping, withholding/reporting, etc.) to be the responsibility of student-athletes and/or local businesses. For more information about NIL in Wichita State, visit www.goshockers.com/NIL.

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