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How do I help my friend who’s addicted to drugs?

Helping a friend with a drug addiction requires that you carefully and strategically approach the situation. Your friend may be unwilling to change, but it’s also possible that they are willing, but they don’t know how. You may not know your friend’s mindset, so these suggestions provide you with ways to approach the situation no matter how they may be thinking about it.

Encourage Them to Get Support

Before doing anything drastic, you might want to offer your friend the suggestion that they get help. You can tell them that you’re worried about them and that you think going into rehab is a great idea. If you can voice your concerns in ways that validate your friendship, your friend will also be more receptive to the things you have to say. You can use examples of how their lack of sobriety has gotten in the way of plans and good times together.

Host an Intervention, Suggest drug addiction treatment

If your friend’s drug problem is severe, it might be necessary to hold an intervention and suggest that your friend go into drug addiction treatment. Gather their friends, family members, and others close to them and set up a meeting to speak with your friend about your concerns. Everyone can have a chance to speak their mind about the issue and encourage your friend to get help. It may be necessary for parents to make ultimatums to get your friend into treatment. Having a counselor present during the intervention will also make the meeting go as effectively as possible. Learn more about ways that a rehab center like The Edge Treatment can help your friend.

Use your Best Judgment

Depending on what’s going on, you may need to take more or less drastic measures. If your friend is constantly getting high, you might need to set up an intervention to safeguard their health. Other times, the addiction may be much more of a private affair, and in this case, it might be best to include the advice of a professional. You can speak with a counselor on how to address the problem and even get a referral for your friend. 

Take Time Apart

You might need to explain that your friendship cannot continue unless they get help. You should express to your friend in a calm tone all of the ways that their addiction is getting in the way of your friendship. You can express that you’re not comfortable being around drugs and that you think it’s important for the two of you to take space away from each other. Sometimes you have to rip the Band-Aid off for change to occur. Although it may feel harsh, it is necessary to help your friend recover.  If you can skillfully feel out the situation and determine how severe your friend’s drug problem is, you can then take the necessary steps presented here. Helping a friend recover is not a simple process, but you can help your friend get their life back on track with enough effort and determination.

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