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How To View PDF Files In Mozilla Firefox

PDF documents are becoming increasingly common. Although several PDF document Readers have been created, you may need to read PDF online using a browser at times. 

Many government papers are in PDF format, which might be difficult to read if you do not have a PDF Reader enabled. There are many methods for viewing PDFs in browsers. For example, utilizing the Chrome PDF Viewer or the Firefox PDF Viewer can aid you get the job done.

How to use Mozilla Firefox’s native PDF viewer

Mozilla Firefox has a PDF reader that allows you to open PDF files within the browser. Almost all PDF files may be viewed on the web without the use of an extra program.

Even better, the PDF reader in Firefox is activated by default. That is, whether you click on a PDF file link or open it from the Downloads panel, the built-in PDF viewer will open it.

If you have turned off the PDF, or it is not enabled, you may always activate it by following these steps:

  • To access your downloads, go to Menu > Downloads or press CTRL+J.
  • Select a PDF file from the Downloads list by right-clicking it.
  • From the drop-down option, select Always Open in System Viewer.
  • When you pick this option, the in-built reader will display all of your PDF files when you tap on one.

Not only that, but The built-in PDF player in Firefox does far more than finally open and read PDF files.

Other features for viewing PDF files in Mozilla Firefox

Setting up your PDF viewer

When you tap on PDF links in Firefox, the PDF reader is activated by default and will show PDFs within the browser. If it doesn’t, make sure you’ve deactivated any previously installed PDF plug-ins. 

You can switch the primary PDF viewer if you prefer to use a different PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat. Navigate to Options > Applications and look for the item for Portable Document Format (PDF). In Firefox, the Action column shows that it is set to Preview. Then, select an alternative PDF viewer from the drop-down menu.

Annotating a PDF in Firefox 

After completing the following instructions, open a PDF file in Firefox. When editing mode is enabled, you will notice markup icons on the toolbar for adding Free text annotation and 

Free ink annotation to PDF documents. 

To put it another way, one option allows you to annotate a PDF with text, while the other allows you to draw right on top of it. The Text annotation option allows you to add text and customize the Font Color and Font Size.

Switching to another PDF viewer in Firefox

Because this functionality is still in its early stages, you may encounter glitches, delayed rendering, or even blank PDF pages. As a result, you should use Firefox’s built-in PDF viewer sparingly or only on simpler PDF files.

You may also disable the reader and open PDF files with your standard PDF plugins or PDF viewers. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  1. Select Options from the Tools menu.
  2. Navigate to the Applications tab in the Options dialog.
  3. In the Content Type list, look for and pick Portable Document Format (PDF).
  4. Click the drop-down button in the Action list. You may tell Firefox how to handle PDF files in this section.

Eventually, Firefox’s PDF viewer is a solid option with the basic functionality, like editing, annotating PDFs. However, if you want a wider array of features and add-ons, you can disable the native reader and install a convenient PDF editor like Lumin PDF. 

How to convert and compress PDFs with Lumin?

If you need advanced editing, annotation, or compressing tool for your PDF, we can help. Compress large files into a tidy PDF for easy transfer with Lumin.

  • Reduce the file size of your PDFs. When it comes to crucial papers, you want to be sure it arrives safely! Here’s where we come in. Compress your PDF to make it smaller before sending it.
  • Compress and get going. Our tool is easy to use. Simply create a free Lumin Tools account, choose Compressor, and submit your files. You should be OK.

  • Just compress rather than zip. While the traditional right-click and zip method is still extensively used, it can potentially harm your data, especially when passed from person to person. Instead, utilize Lumin to compress and secure your data.

The PDF converting tool allows you to interact with PDF files like your own notebook, painting, drawing, leave comments for the team, or change the PDF file in any way you like. Begin a free trial to see for yourself the benefits of Lumin.

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