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How to watch: Baylor at Kansas

The Baylor Bears visit the Kansas Jayhawks today in a battle for first place in the Big 12. Baylor won the first match-up 75-69, so KU is hoping to rebound (ba dum tss) at home. Here’s how to watch the game:

#5 Kansas Jayhawks

#9 Baylor Bears

Line: Kansas -5

ESPN Matchup Predictor: 62.2% Kansas

Game Time: 3:00 PM CST

Location: Allen Fieldhouse


Radio: Jayhawk Radio Network

Instead of random facts, I thought it would be fun to predict the game’s exit by comparing the two best restaurants (via Trip Advisor) in Waco and Lawrence. I will compare both and say which place I would rather eat.


The best restaurant in Waco is Cafe Homestead. It looks like a standard American diner meal, but it’s kind of a hipster version. The spicy chicken sandwich seems like one of their more popular options, but the fries leave something to be desired. I read a tweet this week that said fast food chicken sandwiches blow restaurant chicken sandwiches out of the water. Looking at the photo I might agree. I’m a bit underwhelmed but the deserts look pretty good.


Lawrence’s best restaurant in Limestone. Limestone specializes in pizza. They have different styles and twists on the classic toppings. While I’ve never been to this specific restaurant, I feel like I’ve been to this type of pizza place before and it always seems better in theory than in practice. I’m honestly a little surprised by this just based on the reviews.

The winner? Baylor. I don’t feel like going to any of these restaurants, but Cafe Homestead wins because they have a more diverse menu. Plus those deserts look pretty solid.

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