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It may sound unbelievable, but many Christians do not know how to write a prayer request.


Whether you are new at Christianity or you have been in it for a couple of years, writing a prayer appeal can help you move to the next level of your faith.

The normal human response to problems is fear. If there are pending bills and you do not know where you will get the money to clear them, fear pops its ugly head. How about when you or your loved ones fall ill with severe disease? Instead of going on your knees and seeking the face of the Lord, the first response is terror.

Science reveals that only 5% of people can keep their heads up in a terrifying situation. 80% of individuals choose to avoid the matter while the remaining 15% slip into a denial state.

That should not be the case for you if you are a believer. Writing a prayer request can help you in more ways than you can imagine.

Benefits of Writing a Prayer Request

A prayer request serves a higher purpose than being a piece of paper with religious words in it. It connects you to the Source of all life and gives you that continuous nudge to press on and fix your eyes on the Lord.

Some reasons to have a written prayer request with you at all times are:

  • It reminds you to pray for people such as your friends, loved ones, or anyone else in need of prayers.
  • It reminds you of past prayers that the Lord answered.
  • It helps keep you focused and acts as a reminder that giving up on a prayer item is not an option.
  • It changes your perception of circumstances. Instead of having a doom and gloom mentality, a prayer request helps you adopt a positive attitude.

Worry and fear magnify your problem and make them appear greater than God. A better approach is to respond in faith.

Are you ready to put your belief into practice but do not know where to start as you write a prayer request? Do not worry, we have got you covered. Here are some guidelines on writing a strong prayer request:

Choose a Descriptive First Sentence

 Before posting your prayer request, give the first sentence some careful thought as it will be used as your headline. Consider making it descriptive, and it should be an excellent summary of your want. A wonderful example is ‘I am trusting God for a partner/breakthrough/healing.’

With such a description, the intercessor will immediately know what to pray about.

Have a Brief Description

Now that the first sentence is taken care of, next in line is the description. Focus on providing a short description of the issue. The description part is vital in your prayer request as it either draws or repels a reader. It should, therefore, be interesting.

If you are trusting in God for a spouse or partner, go the extra mile to explain why you need them. Pro tip: Use as few words as possible to put your point across.

Keep the Mood Positive

Granted, things are not going your way now, but you do not have to portray that in your prayer request. Maintaining a positive attitude draws readers to your request and gives them the motivation to seek the face of the Lord on your behalf.

Instead of writing, for example, that ‘I have no food to eat. There is no hope for me. If God does not come through for me, I will die’ you can say, ‘I may not have food to eat, but I know that God is faithful. He will make a way.’

Express Gratitude for the Help

 Being grateful is not only courteous, but it makes people want to help you again. Thank those who are responding to your prayer request. It does not have to be wordy. A statement such as ‘Thank you so much for praying for me’ should do it.

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