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Hunting 101: Finding the Best Hunting Guns for Your Next Outing

There are about 16 million AR-15 sporting rifles in the hands of hunters and gun enthusiasts. It’s the popular choice among those looking for a fun rifle to shoot. However, it isn’t your only or even the best option in all hunting scenarios.

Despite the publicity, an AR-15 is no more powerful than other hunting rifles, such as the .30-06 Springfield and .300 Win. Mag. This means that you need to focus on build quality, features, and intended use and not publicity when it comes to choosing your hunting rifle.

This guide will help you choose the best hunting guns for your next trip.

Do Your research 

Congratulations! You’re already doing the first step to finding the best hunting rifle for your needs. Read up on different hunting guns to find out their pros and cons. The gun you choose needs to fit both your hunting style and the type of game you’re planning to hunt.

Read what the manufacturer has to say about the gun. Then read online forums and reviews to get a better perspective on what it’s like to actually use the gun. It can also help to ask experienced friends and family for their opinions.

Choose the Right Cartridges 

The cartridge is the ammo or bullet that the rifle fires. Similar to competition pistols, guns are designed to only fire one particular size of cartridge. The size of cartridge you need will depend on the type of game you plan to hunt.

Very large game will require you to seek out a rifle that’s not commonly included among the standard hunting rifles. You should choose a rifle that’s strong enough to take down your target with a single shot.

Smaller varmint game calls for a .22 or .223 cartridge. If you’re new to hunting and looking for larger game, then a safe range is .30 to 06 sized cartridges.

Consider the Action 

The action is how the gun expels the spent cartridge. You have two options, either single or repeat shots. The one you choose is mainly about personal preference.

Newer hunters tend to prefer repeat shot style because it takes the pressure off of getting the perfect shot the first time. Single-shot will present more of a challenge because it emphasizes accuracy.

The only way to know which you prefer is to hold each of them and give them a few practice shots. This will help you get comfortable and a feel for how the two styles work.

Quality of the Materials 

There are cheap and low-quality and expensive high-quality rifles. Somewhere in the middle are affordable and decent quality rifles. Skip the cheap rifles as they will not be a good investment and ultimately let you down.

If you’re new to hunting, then investing in a top of the line rifle isn’t smart either. Wait to invest until you have some experience. As a beginner, aim for an affordable rifle that’s made from quality materials.

Focus on the barrel; it should be either stainless steel or carbon steel. The stock should be made of fiberglass or wood.

Choose From the Best Hunting Guns

By following these guidelines, you can choose the best hunting guns for your shooting style and hunting needs. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but doing some research to find a quality made gun in the right caliber will ensure you have an enjoyable and productive time.

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