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If the streets of KC remain trashy, a downtown baseball stadium would be just lipstick on a pig

Nasty trash

I was born and raised in the Kansas City area and have lived there for most of my 70 years. On a recent visit, I was appalled by the rubbish strewn along the streets, as well as the condition of the Adams Mark Hotel, boarded up with broken windows right across from our world champion sports stadiums.

You can have world-class music venues like the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, and you can build a new airport, a new women’s soccer stadium, and even a new baseball stadium, but it’s like putting lipstick on a pig.

My heart breaks, because I love Kansas City, but this is not the city I fell in love with.

Have some pride and respect for yourself. People have to act.

-Patte Bahl Bluffton, SC

It’s nothing new

In light of recent revelations from court documents that several Fox News anchors clearly knew that Donald Trump’s claims about voter fraud were bogus (February 18, 4A, “Court Records: Fox News Anchors Did Not Believe Trump Had Won”), I hope we can all agree that Tucker Carlson and his friends at Fox make the oldest profession seem decidedly honorable. The complete disconnect between what these fake news people were saying on the air and what they were saying in private messages shows their utter lack of truthfulness and integrity.

These talking heads are not to be confused with real journalists. Walter Cronkite must be spinning in his grave.

-Rick Marien Earth Park

Lethal weapons

Now that the Kansas Legislature is contemplating a law making gun safety classes in public schools, how about restoring driver education? I have never been able to understand why we have abandoned driving education in schools.

Both guns and cars are known to do a lot of damage in the hands of those who don’t know how to use them properly, so we provide training in the safe use of both.

– Franco Strada, Earth Park

Real goal

We need criminal control, not gun control.

– David Scott Lee Summit

No to fur

After tuning in to the Chiefs’ Super Bowl Parade, I was disgusted and embarrassed to see the many purportedly real fur coats worn by players, wives of top team leaders, and other attendees of the event. They must be educated and understand that it takes 50 to 60 mink, 150 to 300 chinchillas or 15 to 40 foxes to make their rich garments.

Yes, indeed, they can afford such luxurious coats, but knowing that so many animals have given up their lives to make them look good is insensitive.

Fur farms should be banned in the US, yet we have an elite group here who support this industry. They must use their positions to mobilize against the abuse of these fur-bearing animals. Is there a better way to spend their millions and defend against this market.

Please refrain from buying real fur items. Faux fur looks the same without killing as many chinchillas, minks, foxes, rabbits and squirrels.

-Nancy Roderer Lee Summit

Shoot first

I’m tired of the media asking questions about “unidentified aerial phenomena”: “What was it made of?” “What time did we see him?” “Where did it land?” and again and again. This is not important. This wastes time and allows the administration to procrastinate and not find a solution on who is responsible and what are the repercussions of this hidden behavior.

Act fast to send a message that there will be consequences for this behavior in the future.

When the United States observes such a foreign object, shoot it down and ask questions later. So, determine who owns it, confront the culprits and let them know that our nation will not accept this behavior and will retaliate so as to make sure they cannot do this task again. Our logistics and information systems are much more advanced and powerful than theirs.

The United States must be proactive rather than reactive.

– William Paul Service, Earth Park

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