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In the end, cats and dogs want nothing but love

Kowalski’s penguin

Race: Mountain hedgehog blend

Age: 7 months

Will he be sad when you leave for work, or go shopping, or somewhere without him for just 5 minutes? Perhaps. But will he immediately forget everything and be super happy to see you the moment you come back? Of course it will! Don’t you need that kind of love and positivity in your life?

baby mouse

Race: Domestic shorthair

Age: 12 years

Mickey looks so good, he will blow your mind! Mickey is an elderly kitten who tries to settle in his retirement home. He may be a little shy at first, but once he gets attached to you, he soaks up all the attention he can get. Since he’s an older man, he comes with a lot of wisdom and knowledge. His favorite pastimes include eating treats, cuddling, getting brushed, and watching videos of birds and wildlife. You could probably get him to watch a football or baseball game or two. He prefers a quiet home environment so he can take a nap and hang out with you at his convenience. Come meet the sweetest boy in town.


Race: Mix of Anatolian Shepherds

Age: 5 years old

Harry is friendly, affectionate and a lot of fun. Among his many skills: he is housebroken and crate trained. He can’t wait to show you all the commands he understands. Harry loves cuddles and loves to make his children happy. His favorite activities include running, walking and playing. That said, he’s also ready to curl up on the sofa with you for a day of relaxation. He wants a home and a family of his own and we think you can give it to him. Come meet Harry today.

Wayside Waifs are able to accommodate walk-in visitors. To learn about the adoption process and available animals, visit www.waysidewaifs.org

To learn more about the Kowalski Penguin or to view all of our available pets, visit unleashedrescue.com/adopt.

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