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Integra is bringing thousands of jobs to the area, but are there enough workers?

BEL AIRE, Kan. (KSNW) – Integra Technologies’ semiconductor manufacturing plant is expected to bring 2,500 jobs to the Bel Aire area, but are there enough workers? What could it mean for other businesses?

It’s no secret that many industries have struggled to attract workers and fill vacancies. Some business experts believe that Integra will be able to fill this need, but it will require partnerships and stir up some competition.

“Every time you hire a major employer that many people add to the labor pool, it’s a concern for everyone,” said Dr. Lary Straud, associate professor of management at Newman University.

Integra plans to bring more high-paying jobs ranging from engineers, technology positions, finance, sales and more.

“I think they will appeal regionally and maybe even nationally,” said Dr. Straud.

Openness brings more competition between businesses. Professor Jim Long encourages employers to look into their compensation packages.

“It’s so much more than just pay looking at benefits. Is there a good health plan? Is there a good retirement plan? And in particular, what many workers of this generation are looking for is a flexible work environment,” said Dr. Long.

Integra has already created dozens of partnerships, including a $259 one.

“We started working with them on some internship opportunities for our kids. We’ve already begun working with WSU Tech on how to make these paths happen in our high schools, said Kelly Bielefeld, executive director of college and career readiness for Wichita Public Schools.

Dr Straud says these partnerships will be instrumental in meeting this need.

“It’s going to take some people working together. There will be some strain on the system, but they’ll figure it out,” Dr. Straud said.

Dr. Straud says that as they get closer to opening, we could see a big push at the job fair that could lead to thousands of people applying.

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