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Is Andy Reid pushing Eric Bieniemy out of Kansas City?

Apparently, one day of dialogue/interview with Eric Bieniemy was not enough.

After interviewing most of the day, it was determined that Eric Bieniemy would continue his interview with the Commanders on Friday.

Ben Standig reported that things would go well and continue on Friday.

The Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator is in town interviewing for the Washington Commanders offensive coordinator position. There is still one aspect of this that makes many shake their heads, trying to understand how things are going for Bieniemy.

Many have wondered why Bieniemy would leave head coach Patrick Mahomes for a side move in a team whose coaching staff is no longer guaranteed next season due to Daniel Snyder’s imminent sale of the Commanders.

Reid hired Bieniemy in 2013 to coach running backs, which he did for five seasons (2013-2017). When Matt Nagy was signed by the Bears, Reid promoted Bieniemy to offensive coordinator in 2018, a position he held for five seasons (2018-2022).

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid praised Bieniemy this week, proclaiming that other teams should hire him so he can do his thing. This has raised legitimate questions as Reid may reportedly be eager to switch from Bieniemy to Nagy as his offensive coordinator.

Nagy returned to the Chiefs this season after four seasons as head coach of the Bears (2018-2021). Nagy had coached the Bears to a successful 12-4 2018 season. However, over the next three seasons, the Bears won 8.8 and 6 games.

Reid had hired Nagy in 2013 as quarterbacks coach. After four seasons (2013-2016) Reid promoted Nagy to offensive coordinator for the 2017 season.

Bieniemy interviewed this cycle for the Indianapolis Colts head coaching position and was thought to be a candidate for the Ravens’ offensive coordinator. However, the Ravens hired Todd Monken to fill that role.

The story originally appeared in Commanders Wire

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