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K-9 police mugshot goes viral after allegations of stealing officer’s lunch


TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A K-9 police officer in Michigan recently had a “ruff” day after being accused of stealing his owner’s lunch.

The Wyandotte Police Department shared a mug shot of K-9 Ice, who was accused of eating an officer’s half-eaten lunch in the break room during a call to assist in an emergency.

When the officer returned to the break room, they found Ice “calmly strolling out of the room licking his chops,” the department said in a social media post. The officer’s entire lunch was “gone…disappeared, vanished!”

The department said Ice invoked his Fifth Amendment to remain silent and was “frankly not cooperating with the investigation.”

The department said Ice has a history of rummaging through garbage cans that are within his reach. Many others have even accused Ice of taking food directly from the hands of colleagues as they pass.

“Theft is not only a crime, it is morally wrong,” the department wrote.

The post garnered over 18,000 reactions from community members who sided with Ice.

“Dozens of lawyers have offered to defend Ofc. Ice ‘pro-bone-o!’” the department said. “The general public also does not believe he is guilty. No video was produced.

  • (Wyandotte Police Department – ​​Michigan)
  • (Wyandotte Police Department – ​​Michigan)

The department concluded that Ice would not face any internal discipline or criminal charges.

“In fact one of his local supporters, Lunch Wyandotte, left him a bespoke sandwich today because they felt he wasn’t being fed enough,” the department said. “The public has spoken.”

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