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Kansas animal shelter takes care of pets with Max’s Fund

JUNCTION CITY (KSNT) – The Junction City Animal Shelter has a unique system to help those animals that might need a little extra help.

Sandra Martinez owns five pets; two dogs and three cats in her Junction City home. She realized that her pet medications would burn a big hole in her wallet, so she started looking for financial help. That’s when she stumbled upon Max’s Fund.

“I was able to get flea treatment,” Martinez said. “I took them to the vet and they were all treated for fleas. I got flea prevention for three months.”

Max’s Fund was created two years ago after a dog walked into the Junction City animal shelter being abused by his owner. The fund is named after that same dog.

It’s a way to help any animal that may be neglected due to the extreme costs that come with pet care. From helping with emergency surgeries to food, Max’s Fund uses donation money to help in any way they can.

“We want people to be able to keep their pets even if it means we just have to step in from time to time to help them,” said Junction City Animal Shelter director Vanessa Gray.

To receive the funds, just apply on the shelter’s website and wait to be selected. Once the shelter approves your application, make an appointment with a veterinarian in Geary County and tell them you’re using Max’s Fund.

This fund not only helps pets and their owners, but it also frees up space in the shelter for other animals in need, a process Martinez is grateful for.

“Pets are very expensive and a lot of people put it off,” Martinez said. “And when they want to get their animals, a little help might be a little too late. You know, as long as you need help, they are willing to help you.

Since Max’s Fund started, he has been able to help 60 animals get out of a bind.

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