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Kansas citizens say the opening of the new terminal is bittersweet

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In less than a week, the doors to the old Kansas City International Airport terminal will close for good as the city prepares to welcome travelers to its new terminal.

For travelers like Deron Moore, who has lived in Kansas City all his life, the transition marks a bittersweet time.

“I remember coming here, getting everyone here on a nice Southwest flight to Florida with family and everything and it was a good place,” Moore said.

The current terminal was built in 1972, and travelers like Eileen Grebowiec say it offered a convenience factor that has become a Kansas City staple

“It was set up so that we had easy access to the plane from the airport, but we didn’t have the luggage back then that we have now,” Grebowiec said.

However, the convenience won’t be lost in the new terminal, according to KCI.

The new terminal will feature 39 gates with dedicated arrival and departure levels, along with the addition of moving walkways and consolidated security checkpoints, all designed to make navigation easier.

“I think it will give a better impression, we have the Chiefs doing all the big things in this city, we are a big city and we need to look like that and reflect on that,” said Mike Kucharski.

Travelers passing through Kansas City are also pleased that KC has a new terminal that is better suited to the city.

“I’m glad you have a new airport,” said Los Angeles native Parker. “This (current) is a bit outdated, it doesn’t fit with the energy you have downtown.”

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