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Kansas City area officers, deputies add chiefs’ equipment to uniforms

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Red and gold may be the colors most often associated with firefighters. But some Kansas City-area police departments and sheriff’s offices are allowing their police officers and deputies to sport the colors of hometown chiefs between now and the Super Bowl.

“If it’s an even decision, I can make it on the spot, which I did last night, once the Chiefs win, I said we’re publishing it right now,” Clay County Sheriff Will Akin said.

In Clay County sheriff’s deputies can now wear chiefs’ hats or caps in tandem with their uniforms.

“It’s just one of those things that we keep showing the community, we’re still a member of this community and we’re going to support just like everyone else,” Akin said.

The Smithville Police began wearing Chiefs hats early in the playoffs. Since the Chiefs clinched their third Super Bowl appearance in the past four years, Kansas City and Lee’s Summit Police have also updated their social media profiles.

Sheriff Akin hopes more law enforcement agencies do the same.

“That’s it, humanize the badge. When I take off this uniform, I’m a neighbor, I’m a father, I’m a husband, I’m a friend. Being able to support our home team even when we’re in uniform unites us in the community.”

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