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Kansas City Chiefs fans should enjoy every second of this one

The Kansas City Chiefs are headed to the Super Bowl and Chiefs Kingdom shouldn’t let anything stop them from enjoying every second of it.

The Kansas City Chiefs return to the Super Bowl. The Chiefs won their ticket on Sunday with a dramatic 23-20 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. It took a herculean effort from their defense and a last second field goal from Harrison Butker to do it, but the end result is that the Chiefs are headed to their third Super Bowl in the last four seasons and Chiefs fans should absolutely enjoy every according to it.

Some might be tempted to ruminate on how bad the game was. Do not do it. It doesn’t matter if it was good or not, the only thing that matters is progress. It doesn’t matter that the offense struggled most of the game and didn’t take advantage of how much the defense set them up. For decades we Chiefs fans have dreamed of going to the Super Bowl and now we get to see them play for the third time in four years. You simply can’t lose sight of him as the win wasn’t as good as it could have been.

The real challenge will come when social media is an endless barrage of embittered fans of other teams screaming that KC got that game from the referees. Don’t let it take away a single second of your enjoyment of this one. Were there any bad calls? Sure, but there are them in every NFL game. Was the replay a third time play because it was “dead” despite the fact that they let it play weird and highly questionable? Sure, but the Chiefs still had to punt, so it didn’t drastically impact the game. Was the late hit on Patrick Mahomes that set up the game-winning field goal the right call? Yeah, so why would you let a troll take your Super Bowl joy away from you?

NFL fans outside the Chiefs’ realm were already tired of the Mahomes era. They wanted nothing more than to see the Chiefs lose again. Obviously they won’t give him credit. Of course they will try to make Chiefs fans feel like they don’t deserve it. What else are they to do at this point? Eliminate them or you will let them win.

I think some Chiefs fans might also be immediately concerned about all of KC’s injury issues. There will be time for that in the final two days leading up to the big game. Even that doesn’t matter now. The Chiefs have two weeks to get people back to health and they just proved against the Bengals that they can find a way to win against one of the hottest teams in the NFL even with all the injuries. So don’t let injury worries take away this moment too.

I started watching the Chiefs during the Marty Schottenheimer years. It killed me that he and that Derrick Thomas-led defense never made it to the Super Bowl. I vividly remember Lin Elliott’s game. I remember the puntless game and the defenseless teams that accompanied Dick Vermeil’s teams with the incredible offense. I remember the darkness of the 2-14 season with “Save Our Chiefs” banners flying over the stadium, fans in the stands with bags over their heads and just when it seemed like things couldn’t get darker, the tragedy of Jevon Belcher . Then came Andy Reid and while I thought it might be different, we soon had the return of Andrew Luck and Marcus Mariota throwing touchdown passes. Has this team been cursed forever?

It turns out they weren’t. It turns out that after years of quarterback purgatory, they would have drafted THE quarterback of this generation. It turns out they were finally going to take Lamar Hunt’s trophy to his rightful home. It turns out they would have actually won the Super Bowl and we can now see them win a second Super Bowl win in this era. Who cares about the Bengals game anymore? It means nothing now. A team that wins a second Super Bowl puts you in elite company. Do you think people are jealous of us now? If they add another Super Bowl win and establish a legitimate dynasty era, those embittered fans of other teams will lose their minds. Won’t that be great?

So enjoy these two weeks leading up to Super Bowl Chiefs fans. Enjoy that we get to watch “Andy Reid Bowl” as he takes on his former team. Enjoy that we get to watch the “Kelce Bowl” as Travis Kelce takes on his older brother Jason’s Philadelphia Eagles. While you’re at it, enjoy Kelce’s amazing postgame quotes a few more times. Enjoy the fact that all those other AFC West teams that spent all off-season building to beat us have to hear two weeks of Chiefs hype as we play in another Super Bowl. Enjoy knowing that Bengals and Buffalo Bills fans will seethe with anger as they listen to two weeks of media fawning over Patrick Mahomes.

We are witnessing the greatest era of Chiefs football in the legendary history of the team. We are looking at the most talented young quarterback the NFL has ever seen and he somehow plays for OUR TEAM. Don’t take it for granted. Don’t let anything ruin it for you. Immerse yourself in every minute of it. The Kansas City Chiefs will go to the Super Bowl. Is not it fantastic?

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