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Kansas City International Airport gets a new website just days before the $1.5 billion terminal opens

As Kansas City International Airport prepares to move operations to its newly constructed $1.5 billion terminal in late February, there will also be a new place for air travelers to find KCI information online.

In a Facebook post Wednesday, KCI announced that the airport’s official online domain is changing from FlyKCI.com to FlyKC.com. The new website, which is already up and running, will contain flight schedules, accommodation and shopping guides, and parking instructions for those intending to use the airport.

Construction of the terminal started in March 2019. The new facility, which has 40 gates and will replace the airport’s older three-terminal configuration, has already seen some recent visitors through a phased opening of the 1.1 million space of square feet.

On Saturday, 10,000 Kansas citizens toured the new facility, some marveling at the sculptures hanging from its high ceilings and artwork scattered throughout. KCI also ran a test last week in which 600 “passengers” got a glimpse of the new space as part of a simulated flight experience where visitors checked bags and navigated through secure areas.

The start of full operation of the new terminal is scheduled for Tuesday 28 February. KCI’s last scheduled flight out of the old airport will depart Chicago at 10:25 PM on Monday

Jenna Thompson and Robert A. Cronkleton of The Star contributed to this report.

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