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Kansas City shops full of hope with Chiefs heading to Super Bowl

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A busy two weeks as the Kansas City Chiefs prepare to take on the Philadelphia Eagles, but they’re not the only ones eagerly awaiting the big day—local businesses are, too.

“Talking about someone who was on pins and needles and prayers last night,” said Natasha Martin, owner of Tasha’s Tasties LLC. “Oh, there was me.”

It wasn’t the game that kept Martin on edge, the future of his business was his focus.

“It hasn’t been consistent,” Martin said.

Now that the Chiefs are tied to the Super Bowl, Martin has renewed hope that it will also put local mom-and-pop businesses like his on the map.

“With the Chiefs win, I think it will be an opportunity for small businesses to show that we have this, we offer this, we offer that, we offer those things,” Martin said.

From cheesecakes to mini love cakes, this is an idea of ​​what’s on offer.

“A lot of people won’t be able to get out of town to go to Arizona to celebrate the super bowl,” said Kay Noel, owner of Kaye’s Balloon Decor.

Noel hopes people use his business for their local Super Bowl parties.

“I usually try to set up specials here in the next week or so,” Noel said. “Seeing that they won last night, I’m putting on new specials tonight.”

As the Chiefs reign prepares for the big game in two weeks, local business owners are gearing up for that call.

“If you’re not going to the Super Bowl, if you’re going indoors, or renting an event center for a watch party, why not have balloons as a backdrop,” Noel said.

“We definitely don’t get the exposure,” Martin said. “Many times you have to give the best of yourself, your work, your money, your time.”

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