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Kansas students learn diplomacy through Model United Nations

TOPEKA (KSNT) — Topeka will host nearly 350 students from 50 different middle and high schools across the state of Kansas in the 59th annual Topeka Model United Nations conference on Wednesday at the Topeka Hotel City Center.

“The goal of Topeka Model United Nations is to teach young students about international diplomacy,” said Mei Gordon Washington, general secretary, Topeka Model United Nations and senior at Lawrence Free State High School. “It gives them a chance to hone their public speaking skills, collaborate with other delegates and is an excellent opportunity to do your research, write a speech and how to deliver it and be invested in global affairs.”

The Topeka Model United Nations is a one-day simulation in which students represent the views of United Nations members on a variety of issues we face on a global scale. The simulation is designed to foster debate, teach diplomacy, problem solving skills, and most importantly, introduce students to global issues that will affect them. Students started preparing in October with the culminating event in February.

Student delegates are assigned to sit on one of nine councils led by high school officials: Security Council, World Councils, General Assemblies, Political Councils, and Economic/Social Council. Some of the issues discussed include fair treatment of workers, ending poverty, humanitarian aid and climate change. The conference is open to the public and we encourage people from the community to come and watch delegates discuss global issues.

The following Kansas schools participated in the 2023 Topeka Model United Nations:

  • Lansing High
  • Sailor High School
  • Bishop Seabury Academy
  • Manhattan High School
  • Free State High School
  • Shawnee Heights High School
  • Hayden High School
  • Leavenworth High School
  • Holton High School
  • Royal Valley High School
  • Blue Valley to the northwest
  • Alba Christian Academy
  • Lawrence West High School
  • Washburn Rural High School
  • Washburn Rural Middle School
  • Southwest Lawrence Middle School
  • Lawrence Billy Mills Middle School
  • St Mary’s Junior High School
  • Sabita Middle School
  • Shawnee Mission Indian Woods Middle School
  • Shawnee Mission Indian Hills Middle School
  • Shawnee Mission Westridge Middle School
  • Topeka French Middle School
  • Holton Middle School
  • Topeka Landon Middle School
  • Shawnee Heights Middle School
  • Topeka Robinson Middle School
  • Manhattan Susan B. Anthony
  • Onaga Middle School
  • Jackson Heights Middle School
  • Eisenhower Middle School in Manhattan
  • Topeka Collegiate School
  • Lorenzo West Middle School

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