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Kansas Unemployment Rate Up 0.1% | News


The state of Kansas saw its unemployment rate increase by 0.1% from November to December, and Labette County saw no change. The county rate was 2.8% for both months.

In November 2022, the state reported 2.8% as a percentage of jobless. The rate jumped to 2.9% in December 2022. The Kansas rate in December 2021 was 2.8%.

Last week the Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) released its state jobs statistics for December 2022. These numbers are seasonally adjusted unemployment rates.

Seasonal adjustment is a statistical technique that eliminates the influences of weather, holidays, school opening and closing, and other seasonal events from an economic time series.

In Kansas, nonfarm jobs increased by 500. Private sector jobs increased by 1,100 and government jobs decreased by 600.

From December 2021 to December 2022, private sector jobs increased by 37,900, said labor economist Nathan Kessler.

“Sectors that have experienced robust growth include manufacturing, education and health services, collectively adding 15,900 jobs for the year,” Kessler said.

Of the 9,551 people eligible to work in Labette County last month, 9,284 had jobs and 267 did not. The county rate in December 2021 was 2.2%.

Neosho County’s unemployment rate was 3.3% in December, down from 3.4% in November. Of the 6,138 eligible workers, 5,934 had a job and 204 did not. The county had a 2.7% unemployment rate in December 2021.

Crawford County saw an increase from 2.6% in November to 2.8% in December. This is up from the 2% enrollment since December 2021. In Crawford County as of December, 19,475 people were eligible to work with 18,938 employed and 537 unemployed.

Cherokee County’s jobless percentage remained the same month-over-month at 2.5%, up from its December 2021 record of 1.7%. Of the 10,113 eligible workers, 9,861 had a job and 252 didn’t last month.

Wilson County has seen a slight month-over-month increase. The December rating was 3.1%, up from the 3% recorded in November. The December 2021 rate stood at 2.6%. That county had 3,856 eligible workers with 3,738 working and 118 not working.

Montgomery County also saw a 0.1% increase from November (3%) to December (3.1%). In December 2021, Montgomery County had a 2.4% unemployment rate. In Montgomery County last month, 14,516 people were in the workforce with 14,065 employed and 451 unemployed.

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