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Kansas Weather Watch: Winter Storm Brings Heavy Snow and Snowdrifts to Central and Western Kansas | Stanley

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The winter storm is expected to hit central and western Kansas later today through Thursday morning, bringing heavy snow with drifting and blown snow, according to the National Weather Service Wichita, Kansas. The dangerous weather forecast covers portions of central, south-central, and southeastern Kansas.

The storm could significantly reduce visibility and cause road closures, making travel unsafe, and anyone with travel plans tonight should monitor road conditions, especially in central Kansas. Wind chills are also expected to be below zero throughout central Kansas.

The Winter Storm Warning and Winter Weather Warning provide more detailed information about the potential impact of the storm. Central Kansas is expected to feel the brunt of the storm, with heavy snow and drift and blown snow, while other parts of the area could see a mix of rain and snow.

The dangerous weather forecast for Thursday through Tuesday indicates that several hazards are expected throughout central Kansas Thursday morning, including persistent snow and windy conditions, leading to snow drifts and significantly reduced visibility. Wind gusts in central Kansas are forecast to be about 5 below zero.

South to Southwest wind gusts will create a very high prairie fire hazard over much of the area on Saturday afternoon. The high risk of prairie fires will again be prevalent in southeast Kansas Sunday afternoon.

Another weather system is expected to affect the area Monday night and Tuesday next week. The system could bring a mix of rain and snow to the area, and the National Weather Service will provide updates as the situation develops.

Dangerous weather forecasts are warning residents in affected areas to take necessary precautions to stay safe during the winter storm. Some of the steps recommended by the National Weather Service include staying indoors and avoiding traveling unnecessarily, dressing appropriately in layers and warm clothing to protect yourself from the cold, and staying informed of weather updates.

Residents are also encouraged to take extra care when driving during the winter storm, as snow and ice covered roads can be slippery and lead to accidents. Drivers are advised to slow down, increase following distance and avoid sudden stops or turns.

Additionally, homeowners should ensure that their homes are properly insulated and heated to prevent cold air from entering, and they should check their heating systems to ensure they are working properly. It is also essential to keep generators and other heating sources outside and away from the house to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

The National Weather Service will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as needed. Residents in affected areas are advised to keep an eye out for the latest weather updates and take necessary precautions to stay safe.

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