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Kay News Cow | Reservations in the prison from 17 to 25 January

The following information is provided by the Kay County Detention Center.

Those booked into the county jail January 17-25 include:

Martha Mae Allen, age 41, Blackwell, possession of a controlled substance.

Don Atchinson, 38, escaped the police.

Jennifer Eden Baker, 51, public inebriation.

Michael Warren Bartlett, 34, Red Rock, accused of domestic abuse.

Norman Jacob Joseph Begshisown, age 23, Topeka, Kan. Aggravated DUI.

Jered Lee Bennett, 44, Marland, aggravated DUI, use of a firearm while committing a felony.

Michael Barret Buesing, 39, Ponca City, drug charges.

Trey Hershel Branscum, age 34, Ponca City, burglary, malicious damage to property.

Joshua Tanner Brownell, 32, Ponca City, domestic assault.

Isaiah Ezra Buffalohead, age 28, Red Rock, Pawnee County estate.

Benjamin Burgess, 35, Red Rock, domestic assault.

Jose Benito Bustos, 58, Ponca City, wait.

Wade Scott Butzbach, 22, Blackwell, DUI.

Wayne Herman Carlisle, age 56, Webb City, Osage County.

Jerry Ross Cawood, 42, Ponca City, drug charges.

Riley Allen Chance, 33, Enid, holds CDS.

Jeremy Ray Cowan, 42, drives with a suspended license.

Lourintha Carole Dunagan, 50, Tonkawa, drug charges.

James Devon Duvall, 26, Ponca City, domestic abuse and burglary charges.

Christian Marie Eggers, 26, Ponca City, CDS possession.

Kyle Shane Emert, 31, Clinton, DOC waiting.

Melissa Ann Faulkner, 41, Ponca City, DUI.

Gregory Lloyd Goodman, age 63, aggravated DUI.

Isiah Wind Goodman, 26, local BIA retainer.

Mark Ellsworth Holuby, 24, Ponca City, kidnapping, DUI.

Billy Raymond House, 52, illegal possession of a vessel.

Chelsea Anne Jolly, age 34, trafficking in illegal drugs and/or carrying or possessing a firearm by a convicted felon.

Danielle Autumn Kennedy, 27, holds a CDS.

Floyd Laxton, age 26, Blackwell, outside the county jail.

Jimmy Wayne Lee, 62, grand larceny.

Tyson Lee Nelson, age 18, Augusta, Kan. He drug charges.

Bryan D. Page, 55, Locust Grove, embezzlement of property.

Mikka Louis Palmer, 24, charged with drugs.

Tabitha Nicole Patterson, age 37, Oklahoma City, Kingfisher Hold.

Joy Echo Primeaux, 23, Marland, escaped the police.

Chiniqua Onatalichia Pugh, child abandonment and drug charges.

Tashina Marie Quintero, 34 years old, city of Ponca, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Jerry Dale Rowe, age 39, Aissoa, Arizona, theft and police evasion.

Jeffery Paul Slavens, 45, Tonkawa, drug charges.

Christopher Bear Thomas, 48, Stillwater, driving a plane while under the influence.

Jennifer O Vogelsang, 47, Arkansas City, Kan. Aggravated DUI.

Annabelle Francine Warrior, 20, enters the facility with the intent to commit a crime.

Blake Squire Weaselbear age 28, Ponca City, domestic assault and drug offense.

Rodney Wayne Wilcox, age 52, Oklahoma City, aggravated DUI.

Matthew Lee Williams, age 28, Ponca City, domestic assault with grievous bodily harm.

Les Wayne Wilson, age 39, Ponca City, obstruction of an investigation.

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