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KC area artist creates memories that will last a lifetime for Chiefs fans

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Anthony Oropeza, also known as AO, uses blank canvases to create masterpieces.

After temporarily putting her passion for art on hold, she decided to give it another chance. In 2018 he started painting the Kansas City Chiefs.

“This Patrick Mahomes guy started making an impact and I started painting in the Arrowhead parking lots,” Oropeza said.

Originally from the KC area, he says he feels lucky to create art for Chiefs Kingdom.

“I love the team and all the players. Putting them on canvas or paper is a blast,” Oropeza said. “I love creating for people who love gamers and having a piece of art in someone’s home, there’s nothing like it.”

The artistic process begins with Oropez working with clients to sketch their vision.

“They tell me their player or players they want me to consider have an image or most of the time they ask me to find an image that strikes me,” he said. “If it’s a custom piece, like a couple of them have been, they give me images they love at an event, a tailgate, or in two cases, a Super Bowl. Then I’ll figure out a way to incorporate that into the design and see what happens.” after.

And with more inspiration on the horizon with the AFC Championship Game, Oropeza is set to see his team in action on Sunday.

“My greatest hope is not just to get a win, I want us to tear down the Bengals. So we’ll see how it goes,” she said.

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