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KC area businesses ensure that Chiefs fans are dressed to the nines in new clothes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Chiefs Kingdom is still celebrating Kansas City Chiefs winning the AFC championship and a lot of people are looking to dress up in some gear.

Sunday evening, Rally House and Academy opened its doors in the Kansas City area to begin selling AFC championship apparel.

However, there are a few local companies that haven’t lost the ball and have been working to deliver new projects to Kansas City since the big win.

“You know, typically with retail, the first quarter of any year is always pretty tough,” said Vu Radley, co-owner of Made Mobb. “So when the Chiefs do well, the city does well.”

In no time at all, the Made Mobb staff at KCMO rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

“Our team is so good at coming up with these classic jokes and quotes,” Radley said. “That was the end of the game when Travis Kelce came up with that great joke. We were here at the shop, so as soon as he mentioned it, I was ready to kick things up a notch.

Made Mobb made a new tackle that included a line made by Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce to the Cincinnati Bengals.

“I wore it right after the game and we put together Burrowhead shirts and stuff that we already had on the deck to pitch for conference champions,” Radley said.

Love Letters, another company churning out Chiefs in Liberty gear, is also making sure fans are dressed to the nines.

“So we made our samples and took our photos. We had an email ready and a text ready,” said LeAnne Curce, with Love Letters. “So that, when they win, they could hit the road and release our new shirts.”

Cruce says she and her team were ready to deliver for the fans, just like the Chiefs delivered for the reign. She and her husband were there to witness it all.

“My husband and I were actually into the game, so we had to have backup plans in case we didn’t have cell phone service,” Cruce said. “So we had to send the email to get everything working, so when it came time, we had to be ready to go and we were.”

While the job isn’t easy, these small businesses are cut from the same cloth.

“We have to think outside the box and sometimes we come up with really cool things for that,” Cruce said.

Radley co-signed that sentiment.

“I think it’s great to let small businesses be creative,” she said. “We can go in and do some hilarious and fun stuff, and we can drop stuff that licensing companies don’t release.”

Now, both Made Mobb and Love Letter are hoping to finish the job and deliver Super Bowl gear for Chiefs fans.

“We have a special one that we’ll release when they win in a couple of weeks,” Cruce said. “So we’re constantly thinking, we’re constantly rehearsing and thankfully the Chiefs have given us a lot to celebrate.”

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