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KC Marching Falcons Gets Support From Community, IHOP After Flood

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – KSHB 41 News first told you about the KC Marching Falcons in December when a pipe burst.

After an extreme cold snap, the Falcons Drill team’s practice building had pipes burst, flooding the building and ruining the drums and uniforms.

Juston Brewster, president of The KC Marching Falcons, said the team is a safe space for all teenagers.

The team performs all over the United States and has dozens of trophies to prove it.

After the flood, there was disappointment on their faces.

“It was devastating, just looking at all these trophies ruined, the drums – it was just heartbreaking,” a member of the KC Marching Falcons said at the time. “Seeing it in person is just like, you can’t even say anything — you have to start over.”

But Kansas City helped them make a fresh start.

After the KSHB 41 story aired, within 24 hours, the community helped raise $7,000 for new equipment.

Days later, the team surpassed their $15,000 fundraising goal to purchase new equipment.

At every step, the KC Marching Falcons were ready to prove their comeback.

“The kids are thrilled with it,” Brewster said.

With the battery damaged, a Mardi Gras performance in New Orleans was in play, then they got a message from IHOP.

“We were shocked,” Brewster said. “We thought it was spam, but when we called and they sat down and met with us, we saw reality come to life.”

IHOP partnered with the Falcons, and a 20 percent portion of sales from nearly 20 restaurants in Kansas City and New Orleans went to the Marching Falcons Wednesday night.

“It’s really us serving them,” said Abduh Hamideh, an IHOP franchise owner.

The Falcons put on a show for those who eat at IHOP.

“Employees love it, the community loves it — get down and have fun,” Brewster said.

Hamideh weighed in on why it was important for him to give back to the Falcons.

“The community serves us, they come in and eat in our restaurants – now it’s nice to be able to give something back to these kids,” Hamideh said.

Brewster talked about the best part of the whole situation.

“We have to order new drums,” Brewster said. “I get goosebumps just thinking about it.”

Now, the KC Falcons will be heading to New Orleans for the Mardi Gras parade, and IHOP will be feeding the Louisiana team as well.

IHOP says this will be an annual fundraiser and they are working with the Falcons to raise enough money to get them a new practice space they can call home.

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