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KC Mothers in Charge, KCPD asking the community to help stop violent crime


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In order to make Kansas City, Missouri, safer, the City Police Department and KC Mothers in Charge have agreed on a New Year’s resolution to stop violent crime.

This comes as KCMO posted its second-deadliest year ever in 2022.

Rosilyn Temple, founder and director of KC Mothers in Charge, says her work to help families affected by violent crime is something she can’t do alone.

“I ask my community to help me,” Temple said. “I need mothers, aunts, sisters, women who want to help us with violence in our community.”

Temple’s son was murdered over a decade ago.

He says violent crime still claims too many lives.

“I’m a mother who lost a son in 2011 — that hasn’t changed since,” Temple said. “Mothers are still losing their children, their loved ones, their family members.”

Temple says she and the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department are on a mission.

“So, our mission is violence prevention and education,” Temple said. “We need the community to come and work with us to solve these murders and stop the violence in our community.”

There have already been 8 homicide victims in 2023, according to KCPD Major Martin Cobbinah.

As the new year begins, KCPD and KC Mothers in Charge are calling on the community to take a stand.

“The police department in and of itself isn’t solving homicides, it’s with community assistance,” Major Cobbinah said.

“People who don’t think it’s their problem, that’s your community, you owe it to your community to step up and do something about it,” Temple said.

Major Cobbinah said community cooperation is key.

“When the community comes forward, we solve crimes, without community assistance, we are handcuffed and that makes solving crimes even more difficult,” Major Cobbinah said.

The Police Department and Temple are calling on the community to come together and work to prevent violent crime in Kansas City.

“I’m begging, I’m begging mothers, ladies, young ladies, come join KC Mothers in Charge and help me get the job done in this community,” Temple said.

KC Mothers in Charge is calling all core members to attend a meeting to learn more about their group on Thursday at 4:00 PM at the KC Mothers in Charge office, 3200 Wayne Ave, KCMO.

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