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KCKPS tip no longer considers cameras in classes


KANSAS CITY, Missouri. After proposing a nearly $6.8 million project to install cameras in classrooms, the Kansas City, Kansas School District Board of Education dropped the idea.

The KCKPS Board will consider the update at a meeting on Tuesday evening.

A staff survey conducted last November by the KCKPS board collected 1,480 responses, with more than 86% of respondents not in favor of cameras in classrooms for security and surveillance.

Nearly 90% were against having cameras in the classroom for educational purposes, as well as security and surveillance.

Concerns included the overall cost of the project and the additional burden on students and staff associated with “appearing” in front of the camera.

In December, KCKPS held three public meetings to collect feedback on the project.

Concerns about privacy and surveillance dominated the feedback received at the meetings, especially regarding the security of the collected videos, who would have access to them, and how the collected data would be used.

Other concerns included impact on staff and teachers, use of alternative spending, student and family support, project logistics, teaching method, safety and security, Internet reliability, expected outcomes, and legal issues.

The proposal, drafted by Kansas City Audio-Visual of Kansas City, Missouri, was initially considered by the KCKPS board last October. It was assumed that 1,600 cameras would be installed in all buildings in the district.

Tuesday’s agenda item says the board can still move forward with cameras in common areas.

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