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KCPD urges parade attendees to be prepared

The Kansas City Missouri Police Department is urging people attending the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl LVII parade to be prepared.

The parade route will close at noon on Tuesday 14th February and will remain closed until 7pm on Wednesday 15th February. The parade begins at noon on February 15, followed by a celebration at Union Station at approximately 1:45 a.m. There will be hundreds of officers along and around the route and at Union Station. Twenty-six local, state and federal law enforcement agencies will assist the KCPD for the celebration. This will not reduce police protection in the rest of the city. Patrol divisions will be fully staffed and prepared to respond to calls throughout the city. KCPD brought in everyone from detective units to Academy recruits to help with the celebration that day.

The police need your help to make the parade safe and enjoyable.

Please keep an eye on your children.

– More than 100 children were temporarily lost in a royal parade in 2015.

– Snap a photo of your kids in what they’ll be wearing to the fashion show before leaving the house.

– Put a bracelet on or write the name and contact information of the parent or guardian on the arm with permanent marker.

– There will be nine minor spawn locations along the way, as marked on the map. Go to the nearest one if you have separated from your child. Children taken to the tents will remain there for no more than 30 minutes before officers take them to a warmer location.

Parking will be limited and you will likely have to walk. Take public transport, taxis or rideshares.

Traffic will be heavy and very congested. It will take a long time to get in and out of the centre. Plan accordingly and be patient.

Crossing the parade route will only be allowed at designated intersections on the map and will be close to all intersections at 9am The police were ordered not to allow the route to be crossed anywhere else.

Dress warm.

Cell phones probably won’t work. Make a plan with your family or group for a meeting point in case of separation.

Public consumption of alcohol is illegal.

Leave your valuables at home.

– Secure everything you need to have on you, for example in the inside pocket of a coat.

– Do not leave valuables in your vehicle.

– Lost items that are turned into police will be at minor reuniting stations.

Sign up to receive text messages for instant parade news by texting KCPARADE at 888-777. Updated information is also posted on chiefsparade.com.

The men and women of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department look forward to helping Kansas City celebrate this historic victory and thank the Kansas City leaders for making it possible.

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